Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151821-151840 of all 154,215 gems.
36,2821zoeA simple chat bot for HipChat
36,2821x2ch2ch.sc downloader and parser library
36,2821vines-sqlStores Vines user data in an SQL database.
36,2821vagrant-pccClean puppet cert
36,2821sass_multSASS command line executable only supports compiling one file at a time. This is ineffi...
36,2821safe_credentialsEncrypt sensitive credentials so you can store your configuration files in source control
36,2821rubualizations-railsRails gem that creates a google visualization data source from ActiveRecord models pass...
36,2821parkeonA Ruby wrapper to access the Parkeon parking meter API
36,2821paragonParagon is a Jekyll Powered CMS currently in Development
36,2821my_test_gemThe library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the si...
36,2821lexemeA simple lexical analyzer written in Ruby
36,2821kmdataA simple API wrapper for interacting with the KMData Project
36,2821forefrontForefront moves part of your backend to frontend.
36,2821cail_3of9CAIL Systems Ltd's 3 of 9 Barcode font with asset pipeline for Rails >= 3.1
36,2821better_jasminericeFull support for the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline when bdd'ing your coffeescript or javascr...
36,2821vehicle_dataRuby Client for VehicleData.co API
36,2821th_simple_blogDescription of SimpleBlog.
36,2821sluggMake safety urls from strings
36,2821mongoid-force_booleanMongoid document boolean type field must be boolean.
36,2821magic-sass-railsSass mixins Magic