Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
152521-152540 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811dmexe_rabbitmq_http_api_clientRabbitMQ HTTP API client for Ruby
140,0811colirThis library is about HEX colours.
140,0811coffee-namespaceSimple namespaces for coffeescript.
140,0811jae-clientThis is a Ruby wrapper for the CloudFoundry API, the industry’s first open Platform as ...
140,0811gsetGemset management
140,0811gettimeA very simple gem
140,0811ec2-userdata-builderToolset for creating user-data for EC2 instances."
140,0811kurtset of library functions
140,0811hydraulicsA simple hydra user-facing workflow gem
140,0811geetestVerifyA simple verify gem of geetest
140,0811frumberFramgia's iframe and thumbnail getter
140,0811ec2csshCluster SSH connect to pattern mached hosts (Connected by cssh) (Hosts in ssh config wr...
140,0811klusterCreate geographic clusters
140,0811enumerator-traits-kita collection of useful Ruby sequence traits and operations
140,0811driftrock-service-tempGem for talking to the driftrock api
140,0811desireAdds Kernel.desire and/or monkeypatches Kernel.require to ignore failures
140,0811decodarA Coded statement of account (CODA) Wrapper Library
140,0811kanbantoolEasy access to Kanban Tool's API
140,0811htmlcolorA simple gem that can return html colors based on different input.
140,0811hola_wendiA simple hello world gem