Daily Downloads Ranking

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152521-152540 of all 154,215 gems.
151,9880marriageWhat marriage looks like to the MRI.
151,9880logstash-input-dynamodbThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
151,9880lita-hueLita Plugin to control Phillips Hue Lights
151,9880norikra-udf-anomalyThis plugin adds a function named anomaly, which calculates anomaly scores for specifie...
151,9880jrubyfx-masterEnables JavaFX with FXML controllers and application in pure ruby
151,9880quickfix-jruby-fix44QuickFIX/J packaged as a gem for JRuby
151,9880quickfix--jrubyQuickFIX/J packaged as a gem for JRuby
151,9880celluloid-unlockerOnce deadlocked actor tasks are detected, gracefully and automatically unlock them.
151,9880celluloid-managerModular system for outfitting an actor who maintains the Actor::System.
151,9880celluloid-lock-detectionDetect and announce locked tasks for threaded and fibered actors.
151,9880active_job-queryActiveJob::Query allows you query enqueued jobs and cancel jobs.
151,9880woopsErrors learning from railscasts
151,9880gulp_assetsRails Plugin to augment frontend development with a gulp/webpack based workflow. ...
151,9880fn-salesforceCLI Tool and Adaptor for working with Salesforce. Intended to be used in conjuncti...
151,9880rubocop-markdown_formatterA RuboCop formatter that outputs in Markdown
151,9880opal-wedgeRuby runtime and core library for JavaScript.
151,9880azure-fixMicrosoft Azure Client Library for Ruby
151,9880omnirepoCreate a new omnibus repository out of collections of existing GitHub repositories.
151,9880newgitCLI Github Repo Generator written in Ruby