Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153561-153580 of all 154,341 gems.
28,7850ramseyA graph database built on git
28,7850question_mark_methodsgive boolean attribute a question mark method
28,7850noa-resourceResource module for Noa
28,7850logging4hackersAny idiot can append to file. How about using AMQP? Pipes? ZeroMQ? Other cool shit??? H...
28,7850lifecycleLifecycle is an abstraction for dealing with asynchronously updating related events.
28,7850holaaaaaA simple hello world gem
28,7850hekaRuby client for the Heka application logging and metrics gathering system
28,7850git_hub_bubgit_hub_bub makes github requests
28,7850gdbmarshalGDBM subclass that takes objects as values
28,7850fritzPings a list of IPs and reports their status.
28,7850contact_pageAdds a simple contact page to your existing rails application
28,7850blazing-unicornblazing recipe for rolling restarts with unicorn
28,7850testytestThis gem adds a dedent method to strings to strip leading spaces from each line while p...
28,7850synculus-codexSynculus Codex - A Knowledge Base powered by Synculus
28,7850rubymojiHandy methods to make emoji
28,7850reduxcoReduxco is a general purpose graph reduction calculation engine for those non-linear de...
28,7850prng-isaacA pseudorandom number generator based on Bob Jenkins' ISAAC; useful for both simulation...
28,7850parselogsSimple Log parser that handles compressed files
28,7850lodash-assetsUse compiled Lo-Dash templates with Sprockets
28,7850locked_processTrhead process that only executes if no other thread with the same lock file is running