Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153581-153600 of all 153,745 gems.
115,5050cinch-calculateCinch Plugin to alow users to pass mathematical problems to the bot for evaluation
115,5050biweek_finderUsed for an internal project but possibly useful elsewhere?
115,5050beeleadsA Ruby interface to the Beeleads API.
115,5050elasticdnsElasticdns is a simple bind9 configurator
115,5050ebbflowgo["First gem up on rubygems"]
115,5050bradMy very own gem.
115,5050basassBaSass is a Sass framework to use as a base for mobile first responsive design.
115,5050asirraImplements view helpers for the ASIRRA CAPTCHA system for Rails-based websites
115,5050ga-loveA tool for generating click event tracking & cohorts using google analytics.
115,5050fluent-plugin-https-jsonFluentd output plugin to buffer logs as json arrays to a url
115,5050fake_homeManipulates your HOME environment variable.
115,5050cqdocsCan be used to generate set of docs for CQ projects
115,5050freebStore the world's knowledge in Rails models (via Freebase)
115,5050fbmSend Facebook messages from the command line
115,5050fantause Fanta to test/build your iOS application
115,5050ec2-elastic-autofailoverPings a URL(elastic) if it goes down it shifts elastic ip to another instance
115,5050cutaraCutara is the bridge between Tarantula and Cucumber
115,5050capistrano_misc_recipesmisc recipes for capistrano
115,5050bitzer_storeBitzerStore can treat individual cache clusters in Rails.
115,5050base32-multipure-ruby encoding and decoding of Base32 with support for zbase32 and Crockford's base32