Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153601-153620 of all 153,745 gems.
115,5050easingCollection of common easing functions for Ruby
115,5050attr_protectedProvides a few methods to set up internal accessors for instance variables
115,5050fickle-rubyExperimental machine learning REST API client.
115,5050f2breadA simple gem that reads 'fail2ban.log' and displays statistics
115,5050drbdumpdrbdump is a tcpdump-like tool for the dRuby protocol. It allows you to inspect the me...
115,5050bits_countImplementation of population count in pure ruby
115,5050everestFIX ME
115,5050atosRuby on Rails gateway for SIPS/ATOS french online payments API
115,5050blazemeterProvide BlazeMeter functions as CLI
115,5050bindlebindle is a server and development environment provisioning tool. Using Chef, Vagrant, ...
115,5050formsSeparate your forms and models once and for all!
115,5050bitsySimple Bitmask
115,5050drbarpgA protocol implementation for Distributed Ruby (DRb), supporting connections through a ...
115,5050datacashThis library provides an idiomatic interface to the DataCash gateway.
115,5050cwrThis fine gem gives you unparalleled access to the captain webhooks API. Once launched,...
115,5050coatiA simple utility that hides instance variables inside Ruby objects
115,5050artforge-csv-mapperCSV Mapper makes it easy to import data from CSV files directly to a collection of any ...
115,5050dassets-erbDassets engine for compiling Erb
115,5050csgA fast library for Constructive Solid Geometry
115,5050cloudhdrRuby wrapper for the CloudHdr Processing API