Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
153621-153640 of all 154,341 gems.
28,7850reverterA rails engine to add undo and redo buttons to your flash messages.
28,7850reevoomark-ruby-apiReevoo's ReevooMark & Traffic server-side ruby implementation. This API is free to use ...
28,7850redmine_kayako_integrationThis gem will parse custom fields in Kayako, extract redmine issue numbers ...
28,7850postgrestatsPostgrestats is a library that captures important PostgreSQL statistics
28,7850pogoapp-apiRuby Client for the Pogoapp API
28,7850panoptimon-collector-mysql_statuscollect information from MySQL for use by panoptimon
28,7850minidynamoMonkey patch for AWS ruby SDK HashModel to support model backed by DynamoDB tables with...
28,7850lampwick"Pull repositories and create puppet environment branches"
28,7850kQuery requests are simple HTTP requests, using the GET or POST method, then Queue Servi...
28,7850jquery-zoom-railsJack Moore's jQuery image zoom plugin for rails
28,7850google_doc_seedPulls a Google Spreadsheet into a CSV
28,7850gesund-httpPlugin for Gesund health checker to check HTTP health
28,7850feefiElastic Beanstalk CLI to tame the behemoth of ways to interact with Beanstalk
28,7850ekidataJapanese railway station code tools.
28,7850dumb_authProvides two routes (POST login, DELETE logout) and a controller method/helper logged_in?
28,7850deboxCLI for debox
28,7850compass-sourcemapsCompass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintena...
28,7850andeogenAndeogen is a tiny gem to ease android layout development
28,7850vines-webUseful for testing the server's BOSH support.
28,7850tnargavVagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.