H2, 2013

Second half of 2013, semiannual report. Between Jul 1 and Dec 31.

67801-67820 of all 67,829 gems.

RankDownloadsBegginning RankEnding RankDiffNameSummary
67,7962755,43264,872-9,440tavignanoA tool to help automate more complex Heroku deploys, stage pushes, and rollbacks
67,7962755,68265,130-9,448theme_parktheme_park is a flexible multiple theme plugin for rails3, sinatra, and's rack based
67,7962754,88764,214-9,327geoip-c-ctGeneric GeoIP lookup tool. Based on the geoip_city RubyGem by Ryan Dahl
67,7962755,90365,363-9,460yamaliciousLoad configuration from YAML files and base64 encoded YAML environment variables into a Rails app
67,7962755,92865,381-9,453upgrade-your-browserTired of getting complaints from users with legacy web browsers? Tell your users it's time for a ...
67,7962753,71662,900-9,184google4r-checkout-jnRuby library to access the Google Checkout service and implement notification handlers.
67,7962753,35462,435-9,081stepdown-patchedStepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
67,7962755,54965,008-9,459tumbleweedMechanized tumblr theme uploads
67,7962755,56765,029-9,462sprinklesFully-controllable tasty toppings.
67,7962758,25467,384-9,130gem_plantGem template generator
67,8112655,03364,415-9,382mayfordA data structure generator.
67,81126-67,817-boltsBolts is a foundation for writing applications
67,8112654,19263,503-9,311TrueCar-chefA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your ...
67,8142556,22565,647-9,422snifterKeeping an eye on twitter to monitor user feedback for your product
67,8142558,26467,425-9,161wordpress-toolsA gem to create and manage wordpress websites
67,8142555,03364,442-9,409wheelhouseWheelhouse is a Rails CMS powered by Ruby on Rails and MongoDB.
67,81425-67,818-hobokenSinatra project generator.
67,81425-67,818-parshap-csv_parserHigh-level CSV parser
67,8192458,32367,690-9,367SimpleHTTPServerA Ruby based Simple HTTP Server that's not so simple after all.
67,81924-67,820-rpc4jsonAn Ruby implementation of the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification.