Q3, 2013

3rd quarter of 2013, quarterly report. Between Jul 1 and Sep 30.

62821-62840 of all 62,849 gems.

RankDownloadsBegginning RankEnding RankDiffNameSummary
62,8081455,83860,592-4,754omf_toolsA set of useful utility tools of OMF, a generic framework for controlling and managing networking...
62,8081455,21059,875-4,665wheelhouse-adminAdmin back-end component for Wheelhouse CMS.
62,8081455,28759,958-4,671ropetRopet parses options and provides easy API for developer
62,8081458,32362,771-4,448busser-arubaA Busser runner plugin for Aruba
62,8081453,76458,040-4,276eoflifeProgrammatic access to the Encylopedia of Life's API
62,8081453,73457,989-4,255davekaro-custom_error_messageThis plugin gives you the option to not have your custom validation error message prefixed with t...
62,8081455,75560,489-4,734packupThis gem provides a simple DSL for making MSI packages.
62,8081455,00759,630-4,623htormA Ruby ORM for hypertable CURRENLY USELESS
62,8081455,73060,467-4,737ecstasyAfter crack, cocaine, cannabis, speed, the ecstasy gems sole purpose is keeping the Ruby communit...
62,8081457,97962,343-4,364text_analyzrTextAnalyzr: Analizes files on the fly with some nice output info about the file
62,8081455,70860,446-4,738qu-mailerQuMailer is a Ruby on Rails 3.x plugin for sending asynchronous emails with ActionMailer an Qu.
62,8081456,22560,940-4,715snifterKeeping an eye on twitter to monitor user feedback for your product
62,83313-62,841-core_sourceFork of ruby_core_source modified to support CFLAGS and permit use of whichever build system (mkm...
62,8331358,32962,781-4,452powerComing soon.
62,8331355,05459,725-4,671omniauth-t163an omniauth strategy for 163 weibo
62,8331358,33362,786-4,453make_it_searchablesimple column filtering and sorting.
62,8331355,90360,687-4,784yamaliciousLoad configuration from YAML files and base64 encoded YAML environment variables into a Rails app
62,8331353,95958,292-4,333acts_as_taggable3Rails 3 plugin that is based on acts_as_taggable_on_steroids by jviney that is based on acts_as_t...
62,8331358,34062,792-4,452muzzleA rate limiter for both API services and consumers.
62,8331355,00759,667-4,660andrewroth-client_side_validations-formtasticFormtastic Plugin for ClientSideValidaitons