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132201-132220 of all 144,292 gems.
132,197906yakitThis api is made for simplifying yakit api integration ROR
132,197906hmaster0_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
132,197906appflux_rubyAppfluxRuby is a ruby library for integrating your rack based applications with https:/...
132,197906typus-rails4Ruby on Rails Admin Panel (Engine) to allow trusted users edit structured content.
132,207905httpstatus-railsThis gem provides a minimal and customizable rendering content for every status and for...
132,207905api_connect_clientManager and Developer from IBM Api Connect to interact with te developer portal REST APIs
132,207905abstrikerAdd abstract syntax that target method requires subclass implementation.
132,207905happy-dogeifyConvert everyday boring English into doge speak!
132,207905respanolMakes learning Spanish fun and easy! With all the core and tests
132,207905g-spot-michaelA Ruby port of Vibrant.js using Imagemagick. Extracts prominent colors from a provided...
132,207905motherfuckingsimpleA minimal and beautiful theme, inspired by the Motherfucking website.
132,207905electionpollsThis gem pulls presidential election poll results from
132,207905wenjuan_apiWenjuan Api integration gem
132,207905embulk-filter-pherializeEmbulk plugin that deserialize PHP serialized strings to extract values as new column
132,207905bwsInteract with the Bookrenter Web Services API
132,218904solidus_auctionAdd auctions and bidding to a Solidus store - adds consumer frontend and admin pages
132,218904cocoapods-unchanged-sourceDon't check if your specs source repo is outdated, just assume it is
132,218904shy_flaga temp solution for setting control flag
132,218904confmakerConfiguration getter, parser and validator