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132,192435rspec-hash_diffA library for rspec that displays better hash diffs
132,192435rabbit-slide-znz-lilo-20170107前回の発表以降の の管理の話をします。
132,192435concerto_saml_authAuthorize Concerto users with SAML
132,192435menualu0100813272Lenguajes de dominio especifico
132,192435cansongrpc based webframework
132,192435peek-activerecordPeek plugin for activerecord queries and timings
132,192435menu-alu0100819847Desarrollar una gema con un menu
132,192435MenuDieta-alu0100812794Clase que representa el menu de una dieta.
132,192435papuhRubyGems Introduction
132,210434json-formatter-railsThis gem provides a JavaScript-based JSON viewer for your Rails 4+ application.
132,210434MenuDieteticoComparableTDD: Pruebas Lista Practica9
132,210434botakuA Slack bot abstraction, built on top of faye-websocket and httpclient.
132,210434foreman_vmwareannotationsThis plug-in copies the host comment to VMWare annotations in The Foreman.
132,210434rails_opsAn operations service layer for rails projects.
132,210434minitest-customize_resultCan customize test result.
132,210434some_utilsSome helpful file utils
132,210434nobrainer_simple_oauth2NoBrainer mixin for SimpleOAuth2 authorization
132,210434rails_viewsHelpers for easy working and clear code
132,210434MyEinsteinA Simple and Funny Math
132,210434katiThis gonna be ROCK!!!