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132,184172jquery_count_to_railsA Rails Gem to include the JQuery Plugin for CountTo
132,184172serendipityserendipity is a next-generation web framework
132,184172lionshareA Ruby interface to the Lionshare API.
132,184172pybindSeamless operability between Ruby and Python
132,184172racecarA framework for running Kafka consumers
132,184172first_gem_nate05Write a longer description or delete this line.
132,184172prime_multiplication_tableRuby gem for printing prime multiplication tables
132,208171blackjack_gameSimple CLI Blackjack
132,208171async-ioProvides support for asynchonous TCP, UDP, UNIX and SSL sockets.
132,208171middleman-somemojiChoose emoji provider and convert emoji shorthand to tag using somemoji gem.
132,208171air-condition-apiAir Condition API Helper (from [])
132,208171basecamp3A simple Ruby Wrapper for the Basecamp 3 API
132,208171sunstone_utilitiesGetting shit done at Sunstone
132,208171lintressPerform code transformations to reolve RuboCop offenses
132,208171yandex_predictorClient for Yandex Predictor Service API.
132,208171minitest-neovimFixes running minitest tests in vim-dispatch-neovim using neovim's terminal
132,208171hacking_mass_scorekeeperFind the relative standings of a subset of the HACKING MASS field.
132,208171rgss3_default_scriptsdefault scripts in RGSS3
132,208171watchman-sidekiqWatchman extensions for Sidekiq
132,208171guard-pumadevGuard::PumaDev automatically manage PumaDev applications restart