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132,185315sortsSort algorithms
132,202314rspec-formatter-documentation_travis_cirspec built-in documentation formatter for travis-ci
132,202314instagram-apiThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
132,202314fluent-plugin-jopentsdbFluentd plugin to save json metrics in OpenTSDB
132,202314heatshrinkdata compression library for embedded/real-time systems
132,202314wechselkurseWechselkurse is a Ruby wrapper and CLI for some APIs of currency exchange rates.
132,202314j1m_lightboxJ1 NAV Module is a gem-based module for J1 Template to create a Bootstrap compatible li...
132,202314warsaw_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
132,202314cru-auth-libCollection of common auth models for use in shared authentication.
132,202314rdecoratorPython like decorator in ruby
132,202314mnist-playgroundSmall playground to test different machine learning strategies
132,202314rubocop-inflA package of Influitive cop(s) for Rubocop.
132,202314corzinusSimple cart-checkout for your store
132,202314depthchargeA rack middleware layer that logs the full request cycle.
132,202314ephemerisEphemeris provides dignity and relationship calculations around the existing `swe4r` bi...
132,202314contracktSelf-documenting contracts for Ruby
132,217313imagecollageImageCollage creates a collage based on images from Flickr.
132,217313qparolA secure password manager