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132,196551aritylogic to determine when Ruby functions can be called
132,196551best_citiesWith this gem you can see 50 Best places to live in america 2016 and see the detail of ...
132,196551tweetgithubA command line tool for posting to a Jekyll based GitHub site and twitter at the same time
132,196551sprockets4-commonjsAdds CommonJS support to Sprockets
132,196551sqlarA ruby gem that duplicates the funcationality of the SQLite Archiver
132,196551cookie_parserinstanciate a Cookie from a cookie string & play with it as object with all its att...
132,196551nuvaringProvides insertion and removal dates for nuvaring birth control.
132,196551nooma# Nooma CLI
132,196551httprecognizerThe HttpRecognizer receives streamed HTTP, and when it accumulates enough to identify t...
132,196551FlowRailsFlow Method Payment Integration
132,211550hangman_cliHangman on the command line
132,211550ttt_cliPlayable on a 3x3 or 4x4 board. Uses my ttt_core gem
132,211550peek-activerecordPeek plugin for activerecord queries and timings
132,211550shutter3_morsecodeUses a Shutter3 bluetooth device to publish SimplePubSub (SPS) messages using morse code.
132,211550environment_flagAlways know what environment you are looking at in the browser. This places a colored-c...
132,211550jekyll-jellyHelp Scout's Jekyll component library
132,211550librarian-puppet-simple-forceSimplify deployment of your Puppet infrastructure by automatically pulling in modules...
132,211550neonmobAPI client for
132,211550spec_routes_setA small tool to help add routes to a Rails app before a test suite runs, without effect...