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132201-132220 of all 139,727 gems.
132,195661complishKeeping track of the work you do from day to day can be a job in itself. Complish aims ...
132,195661apiiThis gem provides a generic API client to interact with any HTTP hypermedia APIs.
132,195661grocery_list1Shows items, their price, the coupon and the size of items listed on
132,195661whatnow"What now ?!" Is a feedback system to integrate within your rails apps. Reviewers of yo...
132,195661cinch-integrateCinch plugin that adds a integrate event to cinch so that other plugins can interface w...
132,195661post-massage-railsThis gem provides PostMassage for your Rails 3+ application.
132,195661hola_a1616tsA simple hello world gem
132,211660uri_format_validatorLibrary for validating urls in Rails
132,211660lita-teamcityCommunicate with TeamCity REST API
132,211660telegraph_apiGem for wrapping Telegraph API
132,211660we-github-statsPull basic statistics on the last years worth of commits
132,211660carrierwave-digestCreate a digest for the file content on upload and store it to the data store
132,211660smartlist_sparkpostSend emails using Sparkpost API
132,211660threetwoone2This is the official WDI-30 Count Down Print Gem
132,211660polymer-platinum-railsPolymer platinum elements for using in Ruby on Rails application
132,219659codestatusFind out a build status for packages in any languages
132,219659pi_customizerThe pi_customizer gem allows you to adapt Raspbian images to your needs!
132,219659referableAdd a multi-tenant referral and rewards system to your app
132,219659sqs-grepsqs-grep iterates through each message on the given SQS queue, testing its body aga...