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132201-132220 of all 142,683 gems.
132,190802capistrano-kitchenUbuntu Provisioning Recipes for Capistrano 3
132,190802boltsBolts is a foundation for writing applications
132,203801shy_flaga temp solution for setting control flag
132,203801zendeskdumperA simple dumper for a ZenDesk domain. Attempts to pull all users, tickets, comments, a...
132,203801rg-serviceService framework for Real Geeks
132,203801rails_upgraderHelps with the process of upgrading your Rails 3 app to Rails 4
132,203801ruiz_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
132,203801uniqueness_with_deleted_validatorThis gem is useful when you work with `paranoia` + `devise` gems etc, to prevent duplic...
132,203801btc_exchange_infoWrite a longer description or delete this line.
132,203801heftedMinimal Struct making constants.
132,203801rock_paper_scissors_not_lizard_spockA really simple game of rock, paper, scissors.
132,203801newrelic-pingProvides application status information.
132,203801JSQueueA simple queue data structure in Ruby.
132,203801capistrano-pumactlPuma server control tasks for Capistrano 3.x
132,203801block_slackbotSlackbot does not honor robots.txt, this Middleware will return a HTTP 403 error response
132,203801junA simple web framework inspired by Rails, built with the hopes of learning more about R...
132,203801dcdDCD is a simple parser for CHARMM and X-PLOR binary trajectory files
132,203801hydramata-workA Thought Experiement on Modeling Hydramata::Work
132,203801heart_twitterHeartTwitter plugs metrics into HEART ( for measuring...