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132221-132240 of all 142,683 gems.
132,221800rsteamshotFind screenshots publicly uploaded to Steam by a particular user or for a particular ga...
132,221800packet_headStreaming packet header types to the command-line.
132,221800fluent-plugin-aws_waf_ip_setsAWS waf ip_sets automation plugin for fluentd
132,221800jekyll-theme-appcastA Jekyll theme to generate macOS appcasts.
132,221800money_maahdA simple currency conversion gem
132,221800vop-pluginsThe standard plugins are always loaded in a normal vop installation, the extended ones ...
132,221800rubearAn lxc-container manager
132,221800rspec-hollerback-mocksRSpec mocks for the Hollerback gem.
132,221800HornsAndHooves-jade-railsJade adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
132,221800genius-blockerGenius Blocker is a piece of Rack Middleware designed to prevent unwanted annotations b...
132,221800kmycliCommand line interface for the SQLite3 database of KMyMoney
132,221800muggleVERY simple framework for Web Applications
132,233799tedservAll in one TED gem
132,233799encapsulatorsCollection of practical functions to be used with the 'encapsulate' gem.
132,233799bpt_scraperA webscraper gem for BrownPaperTickets
132,233799omniauth-workingnotworkingOmniAuth strategy for Working Not Working
132,233799hola_swergi0A simple hello world gem
132,233799activerecord-wrapped_transactionWrap transactions in a manner that detects if the transaction completed
132,233799azogiAzogi style name generator
132,233799cyymmdd_converterWith this gem you could simply convert string to cyymmdd format and back