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132,217313j1m_navJ1 NAV Module is a gem-based module for J1 Template to create a Bootstrap compatible na...
132,217313bentobakoSetup execution enviromnet via mitamae
132,217313ndr_uiProvides Rails applications with additional support for the Twitter Bootstrap UI framework
132,217313sendotpThis gem enables sendOTP and allows you to send OTP
132,217313multichoiceCreate Checkboxes and also parse the answer for a HIT.
132,217313rails-observers-hpRails observer (removed from core in Rails 4.0)
132,217313logstash-input-rethinkerCopy paste of old RethinkDB plugin to new logstash format
132,217313j1m_carouselJ1 CAROUSEL Module is a gem-based module for J1 Template to create Owl Carousel V1 comp...
132,217313datarank-v2Ruby Wrapper for the DataRank REST API
132,217313ratticManage Rattic from the command line
132,217313fluent-plugin-out-upsolverFluentd out plugin to upsolver
132,217313embed_utilsEmbed utils
132,217313anamoAnamo client beacon
132,217313zokuRails project generator. Stack includes docker,\ postgres, re...
132,236312s3_htmlHTML static website uploader to AWS s3
132,236312switchboard-contractService Contract for Avvo's Public API
132,236312administrate-field-classy_enumClassyEnum field plugin for Administrate
132,236312sei-imaExpõe, através de métodos ruby, as funcionalidades da API do SEI.
132,236312secure_random_stringA library for generating random string