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132,210434ruboty-slack_take_turnsRuboty plugin to manage a duty that members in a slack channel take turns on
132,210434Menu_dieteticoSiguiendo el modelo de desarrollo dirigido por pruebas o TDD, se busca implementar una ...
132,210434AlphaNumericTokengenerate aplha numeric token using alpha numeric token gem.
132,210434mb_reverseReverse a string
132,210434k8sHerd Kubernetes cattle via the kube-apiserver from Ruby
132,210434d3js-chartsThis gem provides view helpers to create d3.js charts easily
132,210434atotkAtotk was created to provide an number of mechanisms to help validate and use ABNs anf ...
132,228433wisper-resqueAsync publishing for Wisper using Resque
132,228433mazemapRuns Wavefront algorithm to find the shortest path from A to B
132,228433printful_apiPrintful is the easiest way to sell, print and ship custom posters, shirts, mugs, pillo...
132,228433menu_dietetico-alu0100826999Creación de un menú dietético por medio de listas enlazadas y doblemente enlazadas y in...
132,228433gemdenemeA simple hello world gem
132,228433menusDesarrollar una clase Ruby para representar menús de una Dieta.
132,228433rack_gc_profilerA rack middleware for measuring GC activity during a request.
132,228433omniauth-hanyangThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
132,228433spree_admin_insightsTrack what product being viewed, what being purchased. Who are consistant buyers etc.
132,228433khiekmann-github-io-layout* is a Minima-based one-size-fits-all Jekyll theme for khiekm...
132,228433menu_alu0100767803Creación de menús con Ruby.
132,228433libis-ingesterThis gem contains the basic elements for the LIAS Ingester solution.
132,228433bleedA Ruby Gem to automate REST API attacks