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132221-132240 of all 137,972 gems.
132,211550jalebEasily fetch product information from third party websites such as Amazon, Souq, eBay, ...
132,211550poise-build-essentialA Chef cookbook to install a C compiler and build tools.
132,211550modalcreate modal using modal javascript plugin js and css
132,211550apple-properties-twine-formatterThis formatter helps localize Apple plist files
132,211550bonio-capistrano-railsRails specific Capistrano tasks
132,211550beyond_the_api_test_helpersTest helpers for beyond the API.
132,211550raddantWrapper for radamsa - a mutation based file format fuzzer
132,211550risemlThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
132,211550numformat_memoMy first gem formating a number
132,211550numformat_liliA simple gem to convert number to notation
132,211550jekyll-spatialA simple, spacious, minimalistic design topped off with a large cover image.
132,211550jekyll-epilogueA slick landing page with clean lines and a minimalistic look and feel.
132,211550kaiserA simple hello world gem
132,235549i18n-transformersTransformers for I18n ruby library
132,235549psych-simpleParse yaml 5x faster, simplified file format.
132,235549youtube_audio_downloaderdownload audio from youtube
132,235549tabTab will take in multiple expenses from multiple people and produce a report of how to ...
132,235549timezone_dropdownThis gem helps you to add a dropdown for timezone and change the timezone according to...
132,235549acts_as_relationableMake Active Recored acts as relationable.