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132221-132240 of all 139,727 gems.
132,219659string_finderGem to find occurances of chars inside a text. For know you can find ...
132,219659jisho-cliAn english-japanese translator via command line
132,219659hola_germanA simple hello world gem
132,219659gemadesafioSimple Hello World
132,219659flatware-cucumberA distributed cucumber runner
132,219659lita-elasticsearch-indexerlita-elasticsearch-indexer is a lurker-bot that silently indexes all messages posted ...
132,219659hetzner-whois-parserWhois Parser is a WHOIS parser written in pure Ruby. It can parse and convert responses...
132,219659sbifapiA Ruby Library for the SBIF Chile
132,219659thc-hydraProvides a Ruby interface for running THC-Hydra
132,219659splaytreemapA Splay Tree is a self adjusting binary search tree with the additional property that r...
132,219659threetwooneThis is the official WDI-30 Count Down Print Gem
132,219659minitest_practiceWrite a longer description or delete this line.
132,219659instagram_public_apiA client/scraper for the public Instagram API.
132,219659micro_service-nodeMicroService::Nodes so service instances can communicate
132,237658actionpack-cloudfrontSimple gem that adds Amazon CloudFront IP prefixes to the trusted proxies to Rails Remo...
132,237658social_railsIncludes a configurable cache to keep your app from tipping over api limits.
132,237658slideshow-mdRun a slideshow based off of `remark.js` in your browser.
132,237658digest-xxhashAn XXHash library that complies with Digest::Instance's functional design.
132,237658aliyun-email-ruby-sdkAliyun email push sdk.
132,237658test_gem_usmantest Gem