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132,208171orderable2Allows to set the order of AR queries using URL parameters
132,208171coloridoA gem that provides color names and the rgb and hexadecimal codes.
132,208171freestyle_libreAccessing the Abbot FreeStyle Libre reader through USB
132,208171currency_managerOperate with currencies by your defined rates
132,225170drunker-aggregator-phpmdPHPMD Aggregator for Drunker.
132,225170clxsmsAPI wrapper for Clxnetworks's SMS service
132,225170angular_configManage configuration in minified/uglified Angular apps by swapping out cryptographicall...
132,225170bundle_requestsIt Bundles same kind of requests and process in batch
132,225170hello_marcoA simple hello world gem
132,225170shrine-google_cloud_storageProvides Google Cloud Storage storage for Shrine.
132,225170PrimeTimePhimFirst Gem
132,225170release-notesRelease notes for stakeholders
132,225170tabbleThis project is called tabble. It essentially is a clone of the GTK Tabble project...
132,225170elastic_search_frameworkA lightweight framework to for working with elastic search.
132,225170haversine_distance_cCalculates the distance between two points using the haversine distance
132,225170trustgraphDecentralized trust graphs created by signed claims
132,225170hello_pasalinoA simple hello world gem. I'm a superhero
132,238169typhusTyphus is Typhoeus, but easier to say
132,238169yahoo_store_apiYahoo!ショッピング プロフェッショナル出店ストア向けAPIを簡単に叩けるrubyラッパー
132,238169chaeyk-firstA sample gem of chaeyk