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135,050306chaeyk-firstA sample gem of chaeyk
135,050306mongoid-utilsA set of Mongoid model concerns for adding functionality of commentable, votable, hitab...
135,050306copyright_signature_view_toolProvides generated HTML data as a footer for copyright purposes.
135,050306stacker-yamlStacker helps you assemple and manage CloudFormation stacks and dependencies.
135,050306refinerycms-apiRefinery CMS's API
135,050306casecollectCollect AWS Support cases
135,050306anymocksimple mock server for development.
135,050306dead_cssList potentially unused css selectors in a project
135,050306keyslime-commonKeyslime Support Package
135,050306render_anywhere_lxvOut of the box, Rails will render templates in a controller context only. This gem allo...
135,050306tarique_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
135,072305huginn_xero_agentHuginn Agent for interfacing with Xero
135,072305IVAN-MIRANIKHIN-thermostat-exerciseThermostat gem
135,072305suap_apiUm wrapper Ruby para acesso a API do SUAP (Sistema Unificado de AdministraĆ§Ć£o Publica) ...
135,072305jquery_bc_swipeSuper lightweight (~600 bytes) jQuery plugin to enable swipe gestures for Bootstrap 3 c...
135,072305treehouse-dlDownload videos form Treehouse without pro account
135,072305hubkitHubkit provides methods for querying the github API at a higher level than making i...
135,072305rzmanThis CLI gem will get the halakhic zmanium for either today or for a date the user spec...
135,072305bundle-mergeUtility for transitive Gemfile.lock generation