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135061-135080 of all 138,877 gems.
135,059445rabbit-slide-nobu-rubykaigi-2017Keynote at RubyKaigi 2017.
135,059445easyfireThis gem provides an abstraction layer to define Firebase Realtime Database models and ...
135,059445techienov_copyright_toolThis gem adds the copyright info to your website. Just input the required name and the ...
135,059445hash-tweaksResponsibly extends Ruby's Hash with simple and predictable utilities.
135,059445shengxiaoChinese zodiac calculator gem
135,059445petitest-dslDSL for Petitest.
135,059445petitest-tapTAP output for Petitest.
135,059445hackspreecli for
135,059445mise_en_placeMiseEnPlace is a ruby gem made for quick and easy bootstrapping of new projects. By spe...
135,059445grpc_railsSupport writting gRPC services inside Rails
135,059445movies_around_youFinds movies available in theaters around you by simply type in your zip.
135,059445omniauth-playstationA PSN (PlayStation Network) OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x
135,059445pawDescription of Paw.
135,059445hola-juanmaflyerA simple hello world gem
135,076444mdb_generator_basicVery basic generator that creates files and folders based on a local template.
135,076444kibutsuKibutsu is an easy-to-use database fixture library. The only dependency kibutsu has is...
135,076444lolcommits-uploldzUploads lolcommits to a remote server, with optional key or HTTP based authentication.
135,076444string_enums== StringEnum is a concern that makes it easy to work with enums. Include the module, t...
135,076444fastlane-plugin-android_keystoreGenerate an Android keystore file
135,076444ingressSimple role based authorization for Ruby applications