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135,060161rubocop-i18nRuboCop rules for detecting and autocorrecting undecorated strings for i18n
135,060161google-cloud-gemserverThis gem provides an easy interface to deploy andmanage a private gem server on Google ...
135,060161upkey-helios-clientThe Ruby Client for the Upkey Helios API
135,060161devise-jira-authenticableInteracts with the ruby-jira gem to provide authentication of a login against a JIRA sy...
135,065160jekyll-post-tagsReusable Post Tags for Jekyll
135,065160logstash-filter-opnsensefilterConvert CSV output of the filter of OPNsense to reasonable data.
135,067159puppet-classroom-managerManage Puppet classroom VMs and updating courseware. This includes troubleshooting ...
135,067159kramdown-katexKramdown syntax plugin for using KaTeX at server side.
135,070158lasersharkThe interactor gem with BYO context obects.
135,070158pageflow-vrPage type for 360° videos based on Google Vrview.
135,070158redis_set_storeA Rails cache implementation that is backed by redis and uses sets to track keys for ra...
135,070158adesp_blogJekyll website simple and clean
135,074157hola_xnA simple hello world gem
135,074157i18nableUse I18n within any class
135,074157human_attribute_valueTranslate rails models attribute values just like attribute names.
135,077156net-http-middlewareImplementation of `chain of responsibility`-pattern for Net::HTTP request method.
135,078155kaninchenA simple implementation of basic data structure in Ruby
135,078155rzoRizzo is a tool for working with Vagrant and layered Puppet control repositories
135,078155libsvmloaderLibSVMLoader loads (and dumps) dataset file with the libsvm file format.