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135061-135080 of all 141,489 gems.
135,045590MyEinsteinA Simple and Funny Math
135,045590BuraksEinsteinA Simple and Funny Math
135,045590mushin_ext_gitlapsemushin ext for gitlapses
135,045590pivotalcliCLI tool for PivotalTracker.
135,045590prct7"Practica que implementa una lista"
135,045590podspecdollyCloning required pod to a local podspec
135,045590Gema_Kapil_MelwaniGema creada a partir de Bundler en el directorio raiz parala creacion de un menu dietet...
135,045590plus-oneThis generic plus-one script for bumping a git tag and pushing it to the 'origin'.
135,045590hakuna-metatagsProvides a default way to build meta tags, and allows users to extend it.
135,045590isPrimeNumberreturns true if the given number is prime, otherwise returns false.
135,071589numoRuby/Numo - a collection of libraries for numerical computing in Ruby.
135,071589next_erp_bridgeProvides CRUD operations for all default/custom Doctypes in NextErp
135,071589ttd_set_associative_cacheA set associative cache
135,071589corzinusSimple cart-checkout for your store
135,071589requirerbA Ruby module loader inspired by the semantics of the amd api
135,071589page_piling_railsCreate beautiful fullscreen scrolling website
135,071589combosProvides methods in the Combos module that you can use for: power_pair serial_pair rand...
135,071589maini-utilsThis gem contains Maini libs utils
135,071589prct06Siguiendo el modelo de desarrollo dirigido por pruebas o TDD, se busca desarrollar en e...
135,071589pract06Se va a crear un dsl para la clase menu dietetico en ruby