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135061-135080 of all 144,902 gems.
135,061734hola_zlauA simple hello world gem
135,061734litterboxSome of the bits around the edge of Habitat, that I wish were available natively.
135,061734digest_hashUses MD5 to digest hashes, and deep sorts any arrays, as well as sorts the keys
135,061734gnome_app_driverTest Ruby-GNOME2 applications using Atspi
135,061734dalli-keys-matchDalli::KeysMatch extends Dalli with a function that allow you to list or remove keys us...
135,061734SlavkataParse .srt files
135,061734xcassetsGenerates *.xcassets
135,061734async_endpointOften in our Rails applications we have tasks that may take a lot of time to finish, su...
135,061734boiler-builderThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
135,061734nummerplade-rubyFind information about Danish vehicles
135,061734studio_game_agusStudio Game Agus 1.0.0 This is a simple CLI game made for The Pragmatic Studio Ruby Pr...
135,061734counter_cache_redisActiveRecord extentions for counter_cache.
135,061734google_analytics_page_view_rankingThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
135,061734IRGogglesSDL-based interface for IRB.
135,061734mongoid-serializersIf Mongoid default serializers for Date and Time don't work for you, try this out!
135,076733tenant_checkdetect queries without tenant.
135,076733alopolymer2Polymer 2 for Ruby on Rails
135,076733medicapiMedic API Query service
135,076733fluent-plugin-buffered-metricsFluentd plugin derive metrics from log buffer chunks and submit to various metrics back...
135,076733logstash-filter-rest-sbtThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...