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136,880170devise_duo_secA gem to support duosecurity 2 factor auth.
136,880170shopify_sales_channelDescription of ShopifySalesChannel.
136,880170ring_bufferRingBuffer provides a simple ring buffer implementation in Ruby. A ring ...
136,880170jejuRuby bindings for interacting with the jeju test tool.
136,880170bldemonScript for build, deployment, monitoring.
136,880170mafia92Test cache gem
136,880170ansi_text_stylesAdds methods to apply ANSI colour codes and text styles to strings.
136,889169cartifyShopping cart with a multi-step checkout, easily mounted into Rail...
136,889169rb_banyanThis gem contains the base class used to create Banyan compatible components ...
136,889169baselined-ioSubmit samples and get reputation scores.
136,889169twizoConnect to the Twizo API using the Ruby library.
136,893168wordgitWordgit lets you version control word documents, check the differences, pull, merge and...
136,893168SPAMSPAM (Smart Proxy Alb Manager) - CLI Tool to manage ALB Listener and Rules for Foreman ...
136,893168pronto-flake8Pronto runner for flake8.
136,897167instrumentalityCommand line interface to profiling tools for iOS development
136,897167sinatra-soap-currentSinatra-soap gem makes task to create SOAP API really simple. Inspired by WashOut gem f...
136,897167kashiManage StatusCake by DSL
136,897167firebase-messagingRemote Push Notification to iOS/Android via Firebase.