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136881-136900 of all 144,902 gems.
136,869648MyEinsteinA Simple and Funny Math
136,869648maini-utilsThis gem contains Maini libs utils
136,869648Dieta-alu0100845235Permite las definiciones de menús dietéticos diarios y semanales
136,869648firebase-railsUse Firebase for your Ruby on Rails applications.
136,869648codebreaker_garageCodebreaker is a logic game in which a code-breaker tries to break a secret code create...
136,869648practica6Se trata de una clase para hacer dietas
136,869648hw_rg_gemRG test description
136,869648compositionComposition for ActiveRecord models
136,889647deferralProvide a method to release/collect resources in deferred way
136,889647last_tweetReturns the most recent tweet from all specified Twitter handles.
136,889647malartuRuby Wrapper for Malartu API
136,889647kuaidiniaoAn unofficial simple kuaidiniao gem
136,889647siren23D operation libray
136,889647tuffnells_apiThis Rubygem handles tuffnells access and converts XML to JSON.
136,889647batchelor_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
136,889647time_takenHelps developers to analyse the time taken by a ruby code to run. Just a basic gem.
136,889647cloudwatch-metrics-resqueSend to CloudWatch Metrics
136,889647cryptosisCheck crypto-currencies prices with a smart cache
136,889647recipe_generatorProvides you simple vegetarian recipes
136,889647mushin_dsf_gitpartyGitParty is a mushin-based DSF for doing all Git things