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136901-136920 of all 144,902 gems.
136,889647katiThis gonna be ROCK!!!
136,889647dieta_alu0100816518Desarrollar una gema con un menu
136,889647cenit-algorithmsRun algorithms retrieving their codes from Cenit.
136,889647prct_sergioPractica 7 de Lenguajes y Paradigmas de la ProgramaciĆ³n
136,889647dieta_alu0100618426Clase menu para dietas recomendadas.
136,889647pract06Se va a crear un dsl para la clase menu dietetico en ruby
136,889647ngtableupdatedNg-Table of Angular gem for Rails
136,889647huntingHunting is a Ruby wrapper for the CONTENTdm API. Quickly 'Scout' your Repository, 'Hunt...
136,889647hola_kkuchtaA simple hello world gem
136,889647lita-clusterLita Cluster extention
136,911646httpspellhttpspell is a spellchecker that recursively fetches HTML pages, converts them to p...
136,911646slack_cliSlack CLI
136,911646service_layerProvide an easy way to write service layer object. Services are used to encapsulate...
136,911646kvmultiplex-rcredstashA KVMultiplex provider for Credstash, using the rcredstash gem.
136,911646method_chainableChaining methods on classes and objects until you decide to retrieve the value
136,911646story_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
136,911646sicThis gem gets the description corresponding to a certain SIC code. SIC stands for Stand...
136,911646rails_viewsHelpers for easy working and clear code
136,911646rock_paper_scissors_emojiPlay against the computer or play against another human being. Choose the number of gam...
136,911646coffeewordContent publication platform