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136901-136920 of all 141,489 gems.
136,901486govuk_tech_docsGem to distribute the GOV.UK Tech Docs Template. See
136,901486assembly-clientRuby client library for the Assembly Platform
136,901486serilineA gem for integrating with the Serline API
136,901486service_layerProvide an easy way to write service layer object. Services are used to encapsulate...
136,901486fluent-plugin-redis-store-haoRedis(zset/set/list/string/publish) output plugin for Fluentd...
136,901486remote_syslog_logger_tcpA ruby Logger that sends UDP directly to a remote syslog endpoint
136,901486logstash-filter-execThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
136,901486tellerooA Ruby interface to the Telleroo API.
136,901486tacitRefinements providing glue methods for inheritance chaining.
136,901486wasteCLI Waste Client
136,901486air-condition-apiAir Condition API Helper (from [])
136,901486solidus_fulfillmentSolidus extension to do fulfillment processing via various services when a shipment bec...
136,901486guides_style_mblandProvides consistent style elements for Guides generated using Jekyll. Originally based ...
136,901486ignore_google_indexIgnore google indexing with http headers
136,901486stockingAutomated stock data gathering and analyzer.
136,901486currency_converter_3000Helper for currency conversion.
136,901486obarcClient for accessing an OpenBazaar server.
136,901486kaguyaAn implementation of brankf**k.
136,901486apollo-gridApollo Grid
136,920485wifi-watchRun wifi-watch in a terminal so that you can easily check your network quality at this ...