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136,897167neohubInterface to Neohub in the cloud. Control your thermostat by ruby script.
136,897167tunnelupTunnelup cli
136,903166words_with_kristhis is a practice Gem
136,903166rybaiRussian names and addresses generator
136,903166packet_genieMagically streaming live packet captures with a simple REST API
136, API client library
136,903166actionnotifierBla bla bla
136,903166words_with_daveThis is an example Gem
136,903166words_with_adamThis is an example gem
136,910165words_with_smurfThis is an example gem
136,910165mcliCreate CLI tools using ruby objects with a nice API
136,910165centralposRuby wrapper for the CentralPos WebService
136,910165the-swarmSquish or be squished!
136,910165admin_announcementIt helps admin to announce anything including parsed html in a form a notice.It consist...
136,910165meta_commit_ruby_supportmeta_commit extension adds ruby language support
136,910165jkeeperSave hash to local json file, load .json to hash
136,910165middleman-flickrMiddleman extension to display images from Flickr
136,910165provide-rubyProvide ruby client library
136,910165words_with_jaredThis is an example gem.
136,920164MultiCacheMultiCache provides a framework to help you cache at model level on redis under a speci...