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Most downloads over all time
137841-137860 of all 137,977 gems.
137,838193gh-newAccess the Github API to create a new repository
137,849192universala very simplified version of bootstrapious' universal theme ported to Jekyll
137,849192simple_attributeAttribute decorator support for ActiveRecord models.
137,849192minidbcThis is a simple dbc library for ruby. It emploies alias_method to redefine method, hen...
137,849192tdd-themeTDD Grid theme
137,849192rspec-text-orderAn RSpec matcher that tests the text order on the page.
137,849192logstash-input-sqs_to_s3This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
137,849192drteethDr. Teeth
137,849192ipcloakIP scrambling for ruby developers
137,849192nginx_stageCommand line interface to generating per-user NGINX configurations as well as launching...
137,849192quill-builderQuillBuilder is converter from Quill.js output to HTML and so on.
137,849192neo-activerecord-jdbc-adapterAR-JDBC is a database adapter for Rails' ActiveRecord component designed to be used wit...
137,849192wechat-botWeChat Bot for Ruby with personal account
137,863191purificationThin wrapper for the Pure Research Information System REST API.
137,863191lcd_digitPrint the digit looks like LCD.
137,863191spherical_mercatorSpherical Mercator provides projection math for converting between mercatormeters, scre...
137,863191objectifyhashThis gem allows you to easily turn your hashes into objects, great for dealing with res...
137,863191jobsIsNumberEvenreturns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.