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137841-137860 of all 147,214 gems.
137,819705libmp3lame-js-railsRails gem for libmp3lame-js dependency
137,842704boletomanGerador de boletos registrados.
137,842704handsome_fencer_testengine for common adminstration cases.
137,842704mciconsMaking Mac Icons File.
137,842704logbook-cliCLI for handling logbooks.
137,842704design_by_contractDesign by contract patterns for developer happiness
137,842704paxosPaxos algorithm DSL
137,842704danger-angular_commit_lintA Danger Plugin that ensures nice and tidy commit messages.
137,842704embulk-filter-azure_translator_apiAzure Translator Api
137,842704worthen_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
137,842704bathysphereBathysphere takes benefit of a self-describing YAML-based data format to normalize opti...
137,842704badslava_importImport Badslava events to Google Calendar
137,842704bdr_hand_dryerThis will dry your plans.
137,842704thingiesThis is a test for gem building and primarily requiring application dependencies. It ca...
137,842704test_streverserTesting creating a gem.
137,842704xap_rubyThis gem provides basic xAP Automation protocol support for EventMachine applications. ...
137,842704ruboty-treasure_dataManage Treasure Data via Ruboty.
137,842704prct11_abianLa clase Diet está compuesta por una seria de atributos que representan: el contenido e...
137,842704supermodel-cliSupermodel of your application. The CLI interface to
137,842704nemesisThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.