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137841-137860 of all 141,667 gems.
137,833452contact_parserIncludes email and presence validations.
137,833452mercyGem for easy health check
137,833452jruby-ldap-patchedPort of Ruby/LDAP to JRuby, with patch for Puppetserver
137,833452observable-delegateGem to make declaratively observing objects at runtime much easier. Theres no need to...
137,833452fakefs-rmagickThis is a quick'n dirty solution. It certainly covers only a few use cases.
137,833452ch-clientA Ruby database driver for ClickHouse (also Clickhouse CLI and web GUI included)
137,833452cocoapods-bocojticocoapods RAT插件.
137,833452hacking_mass_scorekeeperFind the relative standings of a subset of the HACKING MASS field.
137,833452instascript_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
137,833452eldoradoEldorado is a wrapper for the API which easily enables placing orders,...
137,851451better_digProvide simple to use dig library for nested hash or array lookup
137,851451tricorderA Domain-Specific Language for Star Trek API (
137,851451veg_outTakes user input and displays nearby restaurants with vegan/vegetarian options and prov...
137,851451dito_utilsEstruturas utilitárias da Dito
137,851451waves_ruby_clientAccess Waves Platform API with ruby
137,851451kandataProvides function to import TSV file to MySQL table without create table DDL
137,851451signal_action_handlerList current action handlers for all Signals, without having to override the current ac...
137,851451lab42_functionpartials, chainable, composable functions; all isolated into Lab42::Function; unintrusi...
137,851451adyen-cse-ruby-2Adyen's Client Side Encryption (CSE) library for Ruby.
137,851451evt-view_data-pgCreate and populate PostgreSQL view databases from event streams