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137841-137860 of all 144,902 gems.
137,824597securerandom-int64Generate secure 64-bit integers using the same approach used by UUIDs.
137,824597uri-sftpURI:SFTP class
137,824597sbif_chileobtene informacion financiera SBIF.
137,824597my_chartchart.js wrapper
137,824597pluginscanScans WordPress plugins for potential issues and vulnerabilities
137,824597madhouseLoad config data from your home directory
137,824597po_and_xliff_consolidatorConsolidation of PO and XLIFF files into one PO file per language
137,824597penelope-serverPenelope Server library
137,849596severechecks how severe a patient is
137,849596push_notificationUse this gem, you can send push notification to browser simply
137,849596sluggable-dtbAdds basic slugging for URLs
137,849596blairly_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
137,849596tts-api-clienthttp client for communication with tts api
137,849596mnist-playgroundSmall playground to test different machine learning strategies
137,849596doi2bibtexGive DOI of a paper and get corresponding BibTeX
137,849596jekyll-theme-clear-streama clear stream of jekyll themes
137,849596embulk-decoder-lz4Decodes LZ4 files read by other file input plugins.
137,849596penelope-workerPenelope Worker library