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137861-137880 of all 141,667 gems.
137,851451capistrano-discordAutomatically notify a Discord channel about Capistrano deployments including new commits.
137,851451dayone2mdConvert a DayOne Journal into Markdown textfiles
137,851451wt-knife-backupWorktribe fork of Chef knife plugins to help backup and restore chef servers
137,851451merge_db_schemaIt is a git merge driver for db/schema.rb of Ruby on Rails. It resolves some of the con...
137,851451portnumAdiciona os metodos par? e impar? na calasse Numeric.
137,851451overworld-uiSimple game server creation, hosting, and management. UI functionality for Overworld.
137,851451mlabs-dangerDanger runs on CI and reports common code review chores, code quality and test coverage.
137,851451benchmark-driverBenchmark driver used to run all benchmarks on RubyBench
137,851451feedfindfeedfinder - web feed finder and discovery (RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, etc.)
137,851451omniauth-azure_graphomniauth provider for Azure Graph API
137,851451fearless_flyerProvides information on the products featured on the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer website
137,851451d-streamD★Stream is a set of utilities for dealing with lazy streams.
137,851451hola_agilmla mejor gema que existe para todo tipo de problemas
137,874450manatooManatoo is an api first todo list that allows you to automate your task management
137,874450cashman_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
137,874450ejs-patchedCompile and evaluate EJS (Embedded JavaScript) templates from Ruby.
137,874450shaunThis gem is an Ruby implementation of the SHAUN data-notation language. It features...
137,874450series_reminderA simple app that remembers the number of your last viewed series and can play next ser...
137,874450fastlane-plugin-dmgEasily create dmg for your Mac app
137,874450materializecssThis is a gem for Rails with MaterializeCSS assets inside.