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137861-137880 of all 147,214 gems.
137,842704lecture7A longer description that we don't need right now.
137,842704fastlane-plugin-gen_dev_workspaceConfigures an xcworkspace with specified xcodeprojs
137,842704helloWorldABC1Hello World example
137,864703tagged-lograge-sqlAn extension for Lograge to log SQL queries
137,864703ab-switcherReturn true or false, by set probability. Decide by arg.
137,864703urlscanRuby API client for
137,864703simple_dagA simple library for working with directed acyclic graphs
137,864703rspec_html_formatter2RSpec HTML Formatter
137,864703icmpCompare two arrays in interactive way, yields block with arguments: event, current_item...
137,864703golangGolang like tools in ruby
137,864703travis_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for rails applications
137,864703vizlocityA toolkit for making custom visualizations for exploratory data analysis (currently a w...
137,864703table_putsPrint nice tables in a ruby console
137,864703sicThis gem gets the description corresponding to a certain SIC code. SIC stands for Stand...
137,864703InfantDoseOfParacetamolreturns true if the dose is greater than 0. otherwise returns false.
137,864703defactoIn practice but not necessarily ordained by law
137,864703hyperonHyperon is a front-end based on the robust Hydra framework, providing a user interface ...
137,864703csv_to_rdfConverts CSV data to RDF graph
137,864703kunhelloA simple hello world gem from Huynh
137,864703gemmy_rbCreate a lot of gems? Try gemmy_rb!