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Most downloads over all time
137861-137880 of all 139,689 gems.
137,848332compositionComposition for ActiveRecord models
137,865331jekyll-github-metaAdd meta data from GitHub account to site config
137,865331http-thresholdA gem for to control external API rate,Could useful for Shopify, Recurly API etc
137,865331screenshot_openerAutomatically open a screenshot when System Test fails.
137,865331activerecord-import_with_callbacksA library for bulk importing data using ActiveRecord
137,865331hola_hieuA simple hello world gem
137,865331edools_sdkA simple sdk to access edools platform.
137,865331yard-chefdocA ruby yard extension for docuementing Chef cookbooks
137,865331solargraph-railsThis engine provides a web API for using Solargraph in browser-based code editors.
137,865331github_dashA dashboard for viewing the changes in github repositories over time.
137,865331hyatt_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
137,865331mini_sanityIn-line sanity checks
137,865331splendor_gameAn implementation of the board game, Splendor.
137,865331github_notifyEasily send comments to GitHub issues
137,865331photozouA Ruby interface to the Photozou ( API
137,865331arborist-snmpThis library adds common SNMP support to Arborist monitors.
137,881330paychex_apiInterface for interacting with the paychex enterprise API
137,881330array-eqqAdd Array#===