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Most downloads over all time
137861-137880 of all 144,902 gems.
137,849596bitsterExperimental/educational cryptography/math library.
137,862595hap_clientRuby Gem for Apple Homekit Client
137,862595magnifier-rubyAnomaly detection using gaussian distribution, written in ruby
137,862595aws-cleanAWS clean tool
137,862595spongecasesPoNgEcASe: everything you ever wanted in a sTrInG method
137,862595hash-diffGet difference in 2 Hash
137,862595azure_searchThis library allows you to interact with Microsoft Azure Search using Ruby.
137,862595vagrant-gitlabauthPrivate, versioned Vagrant boxes hosted via LFS in GitLab.
137,862595third_partyClient for the mock server thing
137,862595docker-janitorThe slack web api is good, but very raw.
137,862595safe-bundle-update`bundle update` updates all your gems, this safely updates yours gems one by one
137,862595rails-open-apiThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
137,862595bulec_view_toolGenerates HTML data for Rails applications.
137,862595cirillaCirilla simplify your frontend work!
137,862595proc-unbindProc to UnboundMethod object.
137,862595model_orchestrationIn more complex workflows, multiple models that are related to each other need to be cr...
137,862595magic-helpPlugin for irb providing more intuitive documentation access.
137,878594apiotics-paho-mqttA simple mqtt client gem
137,878594ofac_sdnReturns a hash for the OFAC sdn.xml
137,878594ruby-dogstatsdRails middleware report metrics to Datadog