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Most downloads over all time
138461-138480 of all 138,877 gems.
138,464203linked_in_archive_to_resumeLinkedIn Archive to HTML Resume.
138,464203gpgmehGPG Made Even (Happier|Hipper|Harder?)
138,464203floodlight_railsMountable engine for Rails to provide application data to Floodlight.
138,464203jruby-stemmer-otherNative java implementation of a string stemming algorithm. JRuby replacement for `fast-...
138,470202benchmark-runnerRunner sub component of benchmark_driver
138,470202benchmark-profilerProfiler sub component of benchmark_driver
138,470202mdb_basic_gemSimple gem to test the process of writing, buiding, and publishing a gem.
138,470202ding_ding_robotding ding webhook robot ruby sdk.
138,474201recharge-apiClient for ReCharge Payments recurring payments API for Shopify
138,474201amberlettersAmberletters is a console automation framework, similar to the classic utility Expe...
138,474201suzuThe my favorite formatter
138,474201rgdev_dependenciesPulls in all of the dependencies for working on RubyGems.
138,474201fastorFaster ors
138,474201rails_bootstrap_helperBootstrap Helpers for Ruby on Rails
138,474201load-awesome-railsI like load-awesome. I like the asset pipeline. I like semantic versioning. I really li...
138,484200neverlostNever Lost is a simple breadcrumbs gem to use in your projects.
138,484200kv_formatterThis format is similar to how Heroku formats their logs and Logstash parses them with k...