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138,457563barras_railsEssa gem gera automaticamente a barra de aplicações e barra do governo que ficam na par...
138,457563sinatra-validation"sinatra-validation is a gem to define parameter validation with dry-validation"
138,457563mico_cardwho am i
138,457563zeromem-wsEliminates performance degradation of Movitto/rjr websocket json-rpc client under heavy...
138,457563to_php_arrayDump PHP Array from Ruby's Hash or Array.
138,457563archiCommand Line Android Architecture Components Class Generator for Android
138,457563zksyncA utility for making zero-knowledge storage of sensitive data easy and rsync-friendly.
138,457563apidae-engine-railsTo be completed
138,457563ptmPersonal task manager(ptm) is a command line application implemented in Ruby using Thor...
138,457563SIValueVery simple, only has thousand, millions, billions
138,457563jaxb2rubyjaxb2ruby generates Java XML mappings via xjc, reads the resulting annotations, and pas...
138,457563mayoMayo provides an interface for connecting async I/O implementations with applications
138,457563petitest-assertionsAssertions for Petitest.
138,457563multishRun multiple commands in one terminal, side by side
138,457563gitoolTools to ease git repositories operations.
138,457563my_copyright_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
138,457563mdgMy Done Graph
138,457563indexterChecks databases tables for indexes on foreign keys.
138,457563my_first_dummy_gemIts a practice gem to manipulate strings.
138,457563hogan_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.