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138481-138500 of all 138,877 gems.
138,484200wax_tasksRake tasks for minimal exhibition sites with Jekyll. See: minicomp/wax.
138,484200ds_media_libraryDownstream Media Library Rails Engine
138,484200paycall-smsRuby api for sms service provider: PayCall
138,484200vinzThis is a description
138,484200fastlane-plugin-git_authorsList authors of a Git repository
138,484200chateaA Ruby chat application suitable to be embedded in you existent rack application.
138,484200anc-jekyll-themesummary, because Rubygems requires one
138,484200sberbankGem for working with the payment system of Sberbank
138,494199devise_tokenAuthentication for all Rails Api applications
138,494199fopscraping client of Japan Airlines FOP/Mileage calculator
138,494199dry-struct-railsRails reloading for `dry-struct`
138,494199qableQable acceptance testig framework based in Cucumber/Capybara
138,494199bitflyer_apiBitflyer api wrapper. see
138,494199arias_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
138,494199easy_pipedrivePipedrive api rest client for consume this service on a wrap gem
138,494199lolrubyWrite a longer description or delete this line.
138,494199activitykoAn activity logger for rails 5 that provides view helpers to render basic format of act...
138,494199wokePlatform and Environment for conscious digital Presence and Participation.
138,494199track_rateKeep track of open/click rates
138,494199jekyll_reveal_generatorGenerate a slide presentation that uses Jekyll and Reveal.js