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139481-139500 of all 139,689 gems.
139,487188jekyll-jam-themeA Material Theme for Jekyll
139,487188gem-diffA Ruby gem which acts as a 'gem' plugin to show differences between gems.
139,487188trace_meTraces method calls
139,487188scaffold_parserTool for fast parser scaffolding
139,487188restful_kashflowA gem for calling the Kashflow V2 API
139,487188p2pp2p - build your own peer-to-peer (p2p) networks; run your own peer-to-peer (p2p) nodes...
139,487188flipper-rolloutRollout adapter for Flipper
139,487188resque_slack_notifierResque::Failure back-end which sends a Slack message whenever a Resque worker fails.
139,487188ramneAll file names randomly rename in the directory.
139,487188pkcs11_lunaThis module allows Ruby programs to use vendor extensions for SafeNet Luna.
139,487188mutator_railsAutomate mutation testing to find weaknesses in code
139,487188smart-proxy-probingGem to allow probing through smart-proxy
139,487188sls_adfRuby client library for SLS's Application Development Framework (in progress).
139,487188validate_paramsParams validations for Ruby on Rails
139,487188dynamicaA basic DSL for system dynamics modelling.
139,502187gruf-commanderCommand/request syntax helper for gruf
139,502187ahoy-viewsTrack views of ActiveRecord objects in Rails.
139,502187jester_cruz_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
139,502187simple_map_reduceSimple MapReduce framework
139,502187tesseraOTRS JSON REST API wrapper