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139481-139500 of all 144,877 gems.
139,462513kemonomachi-wankoFetches torrent file links from RSS feeds based on user-specified rules. The links ...
139,462513ikinikin theme for
139,462513hola-sunburstA simple hello world gem of sunburst
139,484512sensu-plugins-puppet-disabledCheck for disabled puppet agent
139,484512real_notificationReal Notification provided push notification using action cable for rails application.
139,484512circuit_railsAction Mailer adapter for using Circuit in Rails apps.
139,484512cnhValidates the Brazilian Transit Driver's License
139,484512jekyll-brotliGenerate brotli compressed assets and files for your Jekyll site at build time.
139,484512adaptableTame your Rails controllers with the adaptable model.
139,484512anderson_jessie_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
139,484512wordgengenerate a random word
139,484512ammon_view_toolDescription of gem for this application
139,484512wentling_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
139,484512ward_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
139,484512seek-deployManages deploying DNS zones from configuration files.
139,484512my_kt_demoTest Gem
139,484512pry-visualizerVisualize results of pry commands to a website.
139,484512cyclid-gh-comment-pluginAdd comments to Github issues & pull requests
139,484512overworld-uiSimple game server creation, hosting, and management. UI functionality for Overworld.