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139481-139500 of all 147,214 gems.
139,460618pinion_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
139,460618pawDescription of Paw.
139,460618fucknumberMultiple of 3 -> fuck
139,460618penelopePenelope Task Queuing Library
139,485617ngwordsNgwords prevents prohibited words from being registered in your application. The prohib...
139,485617esi-utils-bvvESI utility classes to partner with esi-client-bvv.
139,485617enum_select_railsA form helper for the enum field of Rails model.
139,485617hitblocksA API wrapper for API.
139,485617gf_beautyA simple gem which will beautify your Gemfile
139,485617validates-correios-cepBrazilian zipcode validations for ActiveRecord, integrated with correios-cep gem.
139,485617slug_fuWhat sets this slug gem apart is its pluggable naming strategy and that it validates sl...
139,485617petitest-tapTAP output for Petitest.
139,485617crossbrowserjsIf you don't want use CDN or download them manually, this is for you
139,485617epauditAudit HTTP endpoints for a variety of issues
139,485617oss-soft-serveOSS software documentation
139,485617ctpRuby support for CTP
139,485617js_web_builderA very simple piece of ruby code which is supposed to be used with rake and allows to c...
139,485617magvarMagnetic variation calculation ported from FlightGear
139,485617getcommentsExtract comments from a Ruby source file
139,485617motion-templatesrubymotion templates