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139481-139500 of all 142,683 gems.
139,473394critical-path-css-workerA wrapper of the critical-path-css-rails gem that handles critical css generation and c...
139,473394sixarm_ruby_sign_out_simpleSign Out methods for a a simple session in a Rails application
139,473394imagesorterCommand line tool for sorting photos and videos
139,473394chatrix-botA Ruby chatbot for Matrix with plugin support
139,487393laag-libsodiumLibrary as a Gem - libsodium
139,487393puppet-lint-roles-profilesThis puppet-lint extension validates that: - node definitions only `include` a sing...
139,487393fast_statsA small Ruby Gem for doing fast stats to help manage metrics calculations
139,487393temjinTemjin provides a command interface to Trello.
139,487393doublespeakTypeahead entry for Ruby command-line applications
139,487393string2colorChange string into a random RGB color value
139,487393elegant_moneyElegant and simple implementation to handle money in different currencies
139,487393best-movies-ever-cli-gem100 Best Films according to Rotten Tomatoes
139,487393CarRegistrationNetherlandsFind Car details from a number plate in the Netherlands. An Account is required from ht...
139,487393CarRegistrationDenmarkFind Car details from a number plate in Denmark. An Account is required from http://www...
139,487393rapidjobRapidJob is a RabbitMQ-backed Ruby library for processing background jobs.
139,498392simpsimple web framework, for very simple web app
139,498392fluent-plugin-clouderametricsInput plugin for cloudera manager.
139,498392str_jacepgoldLearning how to publish a gem
139,498392advopsA rubygem DSL for advance operations on OS systems
139,498392with_resourcesThe library to provide "with" statement to allocate and release resources safely.