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139501-139520 of all 142,683 gems.
139,498392qiita-team-reporterQiita:Team reporter
139,498392tamashii-nfcNFC is a ruby wrapper for the Near Field Communication library. The Near Field Communi...
139,498392webmove_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
139,498392kiio_labs_view_toolProvides general html data for Rails applications.
139,498392strongest_validationsDescription of StrongestValidations.
139,498392muru_test_gemHello World muru_test_gem Summary
139,498392muppetWrite a longer description or delete this line.
139,498392soil_sample_ormDynamic CRUD functionality for soil sample db
139,511391json_rspec_match_makerUtility class for building JSON RSpec matchers.
139,511391role_coreRoleCore is a Rails engine which could provide essential industry of Role-based access ...
139,511391heartland_porticoSOAP Wrapper for Heartland Portico payment gateway
139,511391paw_clientA ruby client for plugandwork API
139,511391str_nramesLearning how to publish a gem
139,511391str_jmurphyLearning how to publish a gem
139,511391str_djungstLearning how to publish a gem
139,511391cached_run_onceA small mixin module to allow a method or block to be executed only once throughout the...
139,511391closeio-railsA wrapper around the closeio gem to provide some useful functionality in Rails
139,511391elir_jsonJSON formatter for elir.
139,511391fastlane-plugin-submit_to_beta_app_reviewSubmits an already processed build to Beta App Review.