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139501-139520 of all 139,689 gems.
139,502187svgcodeA Ruby gem to convert SVG to 2.5D Gcode
139,502187news-apiNews API SDK gem
139,502187dynamic_selectableDynamicSelectable will allow you to easily create collection_select fields ...
139,502187BCAWrite a longer description or delete this line.
139,502187libosrmRuby bindings for OSRM’s C++ API, providing faster and more customizable interaction wi...
139,502187foreman_probing_coreForeman plugin for detecting network devices, core part
139,502187foreman_probingForeman plugin for detecting network devices
139,515186red-datasetsYou can use datasets easily because you can access each dataset with multiple ways such...
139,515186rails_admin_ui_layout_tarisCustom layouts.
139,515186dyndnsd-opennebulaExport of tokens from OpenNebula for Dyndnsd config.
139,515186shikenA layer to simplify ruby use of selenium
139,515186ccshInteractive shell console, connected into multiple clients
139,515186attorneyEasily manage Terms & Conditions for your Rails app
139,521185rkt_launchTools for creating rkt pods.
139,521185datewariAn ActiveRecord extension to build date oriented pagination links such as monthly pages...
139,521185shog-buildRuby frontend for Ninja build system
139,521185itamae-plugin-recipe-kafkaItamae plugin to install kafka
139,521185far-gemThis library can be used as a module for 'fog' or as standalone provider ...
139,521185etherdevA clean and simple development framework for Ethereum development and deployment