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139501-139520 of all 147,214 gems.
139,485617eggman_testingJust for testing
139,485617dumb_serializerMongo mapper for ruby objects.
139,485617killer_frostKiller Frost provides a simple and easy way to make objects immutable in Ruby. Creatin...
139,504616pug-botAn automation framework for repetitive dev tasks
139,504616sumologic-metricsSend metrics to Sumologic in the background in batches
139,504616despeckRemoves stamps and watermarks from scanned images for OCR, 'removes specks'
139,504616opal-rollbarAllows for Opal client-side Rollbar
139,504616handshake-styleA common Rubocop config for Handshake projects.
139,504616proc-bufferA dirt simple Proc buffer
139,504616fluent-plugin-belated-record-filterA fluent filter plugin to filter belated records.
139,504616busser-behaveA Busser runner plugin for Behave
139,504616arrayieArrayie is a library which contains tools for working with Array in Ruby.
139,504616txpGraphics utilities for TXP files
139,504616jaxb2rubyjaxb2ruby generates Java XML mappings via xjc, reads the resulting annotations, and pas...
139,504616studio_game_xxThis gem name studio game es una gema que contiene clases que permite jugar ya sea envi...
139,504616simulated_annealingSimple Simnulated Annealing framework
139,504616reject_by_keyHash#reject_by_key is return hash that rejected passed key element.
139,504616ohm_utilOhm is a library that allows to store an object in Redis, a persistent key-value databa...
139,504616gcovrextCode coverage details for your native extensions are at least as important as for ruby....
139,504616hackspreecli for