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139501-139520 of all 144,877 gems.
139,484512jruby-ldap-patchedPort of Ruby/LDAP to JRuby, with patch for Puppetserver
139,484512mail_address_verifierRuby Gem for mailaddress verification
139,484512ecm_auditedDescription of Ecm::Audited.
139,484512globalticketRuby implementation of the Global Ticket Reseller API
139,484512logstash-input-bbcidynamodbThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
139,484512jsonfeed-schemaJSON Schema for JSON Feed
139,484512fakefs-rmagickThis is a quick'n dirty solution. It certainly covers only a few use cases.
139,484512manageiq-consumptionManageIQ Consumption
139,484512lifx-faradayLiFX API implemented using Faraday
139,484512omniauth-azure_graphomniauth provider for Azure Graph API
139,484512hacking_mass_scorekeeperFind the relative standings of a subset of the HACKING MASS field.
139,484512d-streamD★Stream is a set of utilities for dealing with lazy streams.
139,514511indieweb-post_typesIndieWeb Post Type Discovery for Microformats 2 JSON.
139,514511obfuscSimple script to obfuscate one or more files preserving the directory tree
139,514511corporate_emailA gem for checking if a given email is corporate or not.
139,514511paywhirlAPI library for simplifying interaction with PayWhirl services.
139,514511jekyll-posts_by_yearPatches to make Jekyll less insane and easier
139,514511transactionalDeclarative transaction management for Ruby on Rails
139,514511passwordping_legacyRuby 1.8.7 library for PasswordPing API. Use the passwordping gem instead of this one ...