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140501-140520 of all 149,403 gems.
140,501658scim_railsSCIM Adapter for Rails.
140,501658carmen-regionsAdd regions to Carmen::Country
140,501658fcm-ruby-push-notificationsEasy to use gem to send iOS, Android and Windows Phone Push notifications
140,501658activerecord_eternal_validatorActiveRecord validator, which prevent change column on update
140,501658soft_delete-workbar# Soft Delete > In a production app, you should probably never really delete anythi...
140,501658capistrano-gitlab-artifactCapistrano Gitlab Artifact - Deploy artifact from Gitlab build
140,501658simple_bindData Binding for HTML Inputs and components in Rails
140,501658tradfriA Ruby interface to IKEA’s smart lighting system
140,501658PravinGemDemo Gem
140,501658bunto-lunr-js-searchUse lunr.js to provide simple full-text search, using JavaScript in your browser, for y...
140,501658scoring_adviceA gem for converting Ruby Arrays to HTML unordered lists
140,501658MercaldiViewToolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
140,501658omniauth-playstationA PSN (PlayStation Network) OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x
140,501658procurify-emma-uiProcurify Emma Components
140,501658embed_utilsEmbed utils
140,501658proxyreProxy Re-Encryption
140,501658hash_differDiffs two hashes
140,501658multichoiceCreate Checkboxes and also parse the answer for a HIT.
140,501658gonzalezA simple hello world gem
140,501658etude_op10_no6A bowling game implemented TDD.