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140501-140520 of all 140,681 gems.
140,492160swaggenSwagger code generator written in Ruby
140,492160rbthemisThemis is a data security library, providing users with high-quality security services ...
140,492160plainflowThe Plainflow ruby library
140,506159relaxed_cookiejarRelaxed options for CookieJar
140,506159toastbrot_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
140,506159kvv-liveapiA simple adapter to query the KVV API (Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund - Karlsruhe Transport...
140,506159metropolMetropol is a Kenyan Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). This Ruby library provides a simple...
140,506159fastlane-plugin-instabug_officialupload dsyms to instabug
140,506159deployed_testSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
140,506159goodyIn progress.
140,506159elder_scrolls_legends_sdkElder Scrolls: Legends SDK is a wrapper around the Elder Scrolls: Legends API located a...
140,506159tui_editor-railsWithout bower installation, you can use tui-editor
140,506159nib-integrateintegreates specified docker-compose applications
140,506159hola12334A simple hello world gem
140,517158yogA lightweight Ruby library for emitting logfmt style log lines.
140,517158fried-callService objects interfaces and utilities
140,517158haml-parserPladeholder for future haml-parser
140,517158apple_storesApple retail store location finder by entering State, supplying a list of Apple Stores ...
140,517158solidus_datashiftAllow import/export products to solidus through datashift
140,517158audio_taggerAudioTagger is a wrapper around the TagLib audio tagging library. It provides a sim...