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140501-140520 of all 143,497 gems.
140,489394inferno_view_toolProvides HTML data for Rails applications
140,502393social_walletA simple client for the Social Wallet API
140,502393doc_integrity_checkEncrypts, verifies, and checks hashes of files
140,502393pii-detectorRuby gem to detect personally identifiable information.
140,502393showingvaultShowingVault SDK
140,502393userlist-railsRails integration for
140,502393kv_formatterThis format is similar to how Heroku formats their logs and Logstash parses them with k...
140,502393sk_RubyTraining_112017Training Gem Desc
140,502393alco_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
140,502393ava_view_toolProvides generated html data for Rails.
140,502393yh-docxFork of 'docx' gem
140,502393jurell_tanksley_view_toolThis is useful if you want to not have to manually change the copyright every year.
140,502393dog-breedsFind names of dog breeds and read detailed information about each breed.
140,502393lita-mattermostA Mattermost adapter for Lita.
140,502393ruby_build_iosA Ruby library to help write scripts to build IOS mobile apps written during HS2's 2017...
140,502393kimayaCore calculations for TPN
140,502393serious_businessSecure your app by using our structured data model to specify the data flow between vie...
140,502393lynn_view_toolTest desc
140,502393grape_odataThe ODATA query pattern allows API's to talk to clients like Microsoft Excel, and other...
140,502393elemacRuby binding for ELEMAC SA-03 aquarium controller