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140,496568xcodeproj-sortXcodeproj-sort provides a simple script to sort the objects in your .xcodeproj file. Th...
140,496568utc_on_demandDisplay your machine's current time (in your timezone) and in UTC.
140,496568bilAn encoder and decoder to turn arrays of arbitrarily large (non-negative) integers into...
140,496568link_to_add_fieldsWhen clicked, `link_to_add_fields` will render the association's fields partial above ...
140,496568doureMinimal abstraction to write parameterized filters for ActiveRecord models
140,496568amazonparserAmazon item lookup parser powered by Vacuum
140,496568streamchuteupload and encode
140,496568ppg_leadersA gem for displaying information about ppg leaders for the Cleveland Cavaliers
140,496568bbc_weatherA simple gem to grab the BBC weather forecast for any given city
140,496568kichiKichi is a simple commandline tool that allows you to store secrets and retrieve them a...
140,496568metacritic_gamesScrap new release page of Metacritic games, return consoles, games, and information.
140,496568kitchen-sparkleformationKitchen driver for creating CloudFormation stacks using SparkleFormation templates
140,496568erdem-iyzipayiyzipay api ruby client. You can sign up for an iyzico account at
140,496568classy_cssA CSS compiler that allows you to write CSS as if it were Ruby
140,496568milanA library for building models via a configuration.
140,517567out_putRender JSON response in a unified format
140,517567rokka_client_codegenA rokka client for ruby.
140,517567pb_syringeinjects progress bar function to object
140,517567babelish_rncThis set of commands converts a CSV file to the following formats: - ...