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140521-140540 of all 145,554 gems.
140,503492isaac_johnsen_view_toolI do not know haha.
140,503492eldoradoEldorado is a wrapper for the API which easily enables placing orders,...
140,523491omniauth-webex-oauth2A Cisco WebEx Teams (Cisco Spark) OAuth2 strategy. Create an account and generate clien...
140,523491fswatch-rbRuby library to watch filesystem changes
140,523491parameter_setsA friendly schema for defining permitted parameters in Rails.
140,523491img_overlayGiven an image path/URL and a color in RGB, you get back an image with an overlay on it...
140,523491rails-api-schemeProvides simple error handling and param processing scheme to...
140,523491capistrano-init-exporterCapistrano bindings for exporting services described by Procfile to init system
140,523491omniauth-quickbooks-oauth2OAuth2 Omniauth straetgy for Quickbooks (Intuit) API.
140,523491squarespaceRuby interface to the Squarespace API
140,523491activerecord-jsonb-associationsUse PostgreSQL JSONB fields to store association information of your models
140,523491canvas_data_clientWraps the endpoints provided by Canvas Data.
140,523491i18nableUse I18n within any class
140,523491slick-blogA publishing platform that maximises programmer's and user's happiness and productivity.
140,523491capistrano3-dotenv-checkCapistrano3 check .env variables
140,523491censorCensorship for all kinds of textual information
140,523491oleary_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for rails applications
140,523491firutaChain collection actions easily
140,523491morris_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.