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140521-140540 of all 143,497 gems.
140,502393executable_pathnameProvide additional methods to inspect executable files, as a Pathname subclass
140,502393lambdahubClient library for LambdaHub
140,502393easytraceUse TracePoint more easily
140,524392country_currencyISO country code and currency library
140,524392poiA simple tools to initialize project files and structure.
140,524392nanoboxifiera longer description or delete this line.
140,524392sipo_mailerCommand-line aplikace na odesílání souborů jako příloh na email dle CSV adresáře.
140,524392swagger-templateGenerate namespaced clients of template & OpenAPI spec
140,524392evil_clipboardAn evil clipboard.
140,524392jekyll-fakerProvides mock content for your Jekyll prototypes when building a site, through the Fake...
140,524392actionfieldCall action on ActiveRecord Fields
140,524392puppet-lint-no_chaining_arrows-checkExtends puppet-lint to issue warnings if any chaining arrows ('->', '~>', '&l...
140,524392ruby_web_ioAn IO object that interacts with a web API
140,524392quietlyQuietly aims to make dealing with IO redirection easy. It originally started as a simpl...
140,524392climbrCLI tool for managing Limbr infrastructure.
140,524392static_typeAdd ruby to type for variable.Now only a part of Integer.
140,524392mcp9800MCP 9800 Temperature sensor driver Ruby
140,524392huginn_slackbot_agentHuginn agent to send messages into slack as a bot.
140,524392g-unit-testingA testing framework that maintains seed data state during rspecing and development
140,524392cuimia-minimal-themeCuimia minimal is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages