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140521-140540 of all 149,403 gems.
140,521657kafka_commandA simple Kafka management UI.
140,521657administrate-field-simple_mde_markdownA plugin for markdown fields in Administrate using SimpleMDE
140,521657knife-winopsPlugin that adds functionality to Chef's Knife CLI for configuring/interacting with nod...
140,521657roku-ecpA library for controlling Roku devices on your local network
140,521657jenaA simple packaging of Apache Jena for JRuby
140,521657ssh_cert_parserparses ssh certificates
140,521657line_logLineLog is built to help you have customs logs in Sinatra. LineLog welcomes contributio...
140,521657http_requestshttp_requests is a lib that provides an easy way to create an HTTP/HTTPS connection and...
140,521657etherclientClient for & APIs
140,521657noxa-sidekiq-killerQuiets and kills sidekiq processes when the RSS memory usage is too high.
140,521657subshell_commandIf, like me, you always forget when and how (and why) to use backticks or popen or ...
140,521657super_sourceLearn who's using your project with Super Source.
140,521657spring-commands-rubocop-selectrubocop-select command for Spring
140,521657grpc_railsSupport writting gRPC services inside Rails
140,521657sprite_mapGenerate sprites from images at runtime, to cache and speed up subsequent requests
140,521657rck_pap_sciThis is a Rock Paper Scissors gem
140,521657instagram_graphqlThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
140,539656git_scratchA gem for clearing old commits and refresh git as new initial commit.
140,539656kiba-uncommonAdditional sources, transforms, and destinations for Kiba