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Most downloads over all time
141341-141360 of all 144,292 gems.
141,344377dropify-railsDropify gem (
141,344377page_source_snapshotGet diff for two xml sources
141,344377simplediff-rubyRuby implemention of
141,344377contact_sysRuby client library for the Contact Payment System API
141,344377barnabyProvides the core classes required for the correct functioning of the Barnaby project.
141,344377soderstrom_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
141,344377fluffyjsUse Fluffy.js on Ruby on Rails
141,344377rt-transform-rubyTranform React Templates content from Ruby
141,344377dublinerFind cool folks for your party who don't end up crashing at your place.
141,344377hola_from_wendyA simple hello world gem
141,344377derelict_mProvides a Ruby API to control Vagrant where Vagrant is installed via the Installer pac...
141,344377arborist-webserviceThis is a collection of webservice monitoring tools for the Arborist monitoring toolkit...
141,359376xsd_modelTakes a XSD string and parses it into a tree structure of nodes. A lot similar to Nokog...
141,359376todays_top_dessertsThis Ruby gem installs a CLI that gives you the recipes for the top ten desserts being ...
141,359376people_docBasic PeopleDoc REST API client
141,359376chinese-supportChinese support for ruby
141,359376mysqlmanManagement your mysql users. You can do that by simple settings written by yaml
141,359376sobaSoba use [LightIO]( to provision green threads.
141,359376solidus_sliderAdds a slider to the homepage