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141361-141380 of all 148,608 gems.
141,350583puppet_complycompliance test puppet code
141,350583simpleweather-railsintegrates simpleWeather.js with Rails Asset Pipeline
141,350583chankura_clientA ruby client which can access all Chankura Exchange's API.
141,350583omniauth-monappyOmniAuth strategy for Monappy.
141,350583hello_marcoA simple hello world gem
141,350583minmini_venturesOur all projects own global methods and process in rails app
141,350583jekyll_expressive_organicsWrite a short summary, because Rubygems requires one.
141,350583local_libraryEnter a zip code and get a list of nearby libraries and contact/location details.
141,350583gridlinesGridlines helps developers with structuring and aligning the content of their site duri...
141,370582danger-coberturaA cobertura report plugin for danger.
141,370582documentalDocumental is a documentation-focused template for Jekyll
141,370582hola-pleycplA simple hello world gem
141,370582wonder_oracle_databaseWonder Sistemas' shared oracle database config for Rails.
141,370582giphytranslateA plugin that translates words to gifs
141,370582doctor-strangeA Rails plug-in, which checks various services (db, cache, sidekiq, redis, stripe, mail...
141,370582imgflipGenerate your own memes.
141,370582csv_composerEasy and generic csv writer and exporter
141,370582sys_lib_detectorSysLibDetector lists and installs all the gems' system libraries and native dependencies
141,370582activechainactivechain - blockchain storage on ActiveRecord (SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.)
141,370582taxyCabify API wrapper.