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141361-141380 of all 144,292 gems.
141,359376shoryuken-batchShoryuken Batch Jobs Implementation
141,359376vast_analyzerA VAST analyzer that autodetects VPAID, flash, and js in VAST media files
141,359376ruby-egnyteRuby client for Egnyte Public API
141,359376virtengine_apiRuby Client for the Megam vertice. Performs REST calls to Vertice Gateway - http://git...
141,359376logstash-filter-urlnormalizeLogstash URL normalization filter
141,371375myway-cliThe MyWay CLI allows users to create, modify, run and test projects using the MyWay Sin...
141,371375xosdRuby wrapper for xosd - X on screen display library
141,371375psql_backupsRake tasks for managing db backups in Rails
141,371375ratings_aggregatorSearches for a movie using OMDB, then computes an aggregate critic rating for it. Users...
141,371375gaku_apiAPI functionality for GAKU Engine. See
141,371375fluentd-plugin-coralogixCoralogix Fluentd plugin to send logs to Coralogix server.
141,371375viking-theme-1Viking Theme 2017-11-14
141,371375logstash-input-sqs_to_s3This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
141,371375copyright_viewCopyrightView Gem Allows Devlopers to Add Copyright Message for every webage Dynamically
141,371375stock_inquiryProvides information on stocks
141,371375fastlane-plugin-parse_jsonParse a JSON file
141,371375tzispa_annotationsmethods annotation in ruby
141,371375safe_redisIf an operation fails, SafeRedis responds as if the key doesn't exist.
141,371375dummyimageA simple gem which will generates a dummy image