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Most downloads over all time
141361-141380 of all 141,489 gems.
141,358165slash_adminA modern and overridable admin gem, just the rails way.
141,358165split-apiRest API extension for Split
141,364164json_rspec_match_makerUtility class for building JSON RSpec matchers.
141,364164vagrant-openstack-illuin-providerEnables Vagrant to manage machines in OpenStack Cloud.
141,364164nmax-toolThis script searches for a specified count of maximum numbers in STDIN
141,364164keepasserBecause Dropbox is bad
141,364164sluggable_pbFairly simple. Include 'slugglable' & you're off!
141,369161moist-actionBetter controller actions
141,369161ipfs_formatterInspired by
141,371160lita-effect-quotesD&D Random Effect Generator.
141,372159simplecov-inline-htmlInline HTML formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool.
141,372159northpassA cli to develop custom templates for and upload to SchoolKeep.
141,372159jekyll-autoscout24A Jekyll plugin to transform AutoScout24's backup XML into a data file
141,372159buble-rubyRuby bridge to the Bublé ES6 transpiler
141,376158fastlane-plugin-remove_git_tagThis will remove a specific tag from your remote branch
141,376158search_flipCompositional EasticSearch client library
141,376158garage-strategy-corGarage strategy Chain of Responsibility pattern.
141,379157myanmar-toolsTools for handling the Zawgyi font encoding in Myanmar.
141,379157birdmongerTwitterServer-based Rack handler
141,379157pubattlegroundsPUBG API wrapper