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142321-142340 of all 148,398 gems.
142,311525encloseCLI Installer for Enclose.IO, the cloud-based service that compiles your application in...
142,311525landon_view_tool"Various view specific methods for applicatons I use."
142,323524mts-autojoinCommand line tool used to join mts files from AVCHD camcorders using ffmpeg without ree...
142,323524mstdn_ivoryRuby interface for Mastodon api, like mastodon-api npm package
142,323524scruber-user-agentsUser agents for Scruber framework
142,323524omniauth-edenredOmniAuth Strategy for Edenred via OAuth2
142,323524hola_saratahaA simple hello world gem
142,323524sipo_mailerCommand-line aplikace na odesílání souborů jako příloh na email dle CSV adresáře.
142,323524tdlibIntegrating TDLib into Ruby or Ruby on Rails.
142,323524regex_fieldAdd a regex field on Rails form helper
142,323524yelp-businessProvides and easy to use model wrapping Yelp Business
142,323524city_searchFinds cities
142,323524ejkiv_user_authUser Authentication Gem
142,323524f7"Unofficial support of Framework7 on Rails via Asset Pipeline"
142,323524CarRegistrationUSAFind Car details from a number plate in the USA. An Account is required from http://www...
142,323524nesta-plugin-gtmmy first nesta plugin
142,323524cobra_commander_fixturesTest fixtures for cobra_commander
142,323524halesProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
142,323524jared_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application
142,340523fluent-plugin-unomalyFluentd output plugin for Unomaly