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142321-142340 of all 151,027 gems.
142,306643the_new_engineYeah! It's me new amazing gem
142,306643swainston_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
142,306643ruby-autolinkerFind and replace urls with html link tag in given string
142,306643retinaRetina is a simple configurable app responsible for sending outgoing webhooks to other ...
142,306643samvera_hlsThis gem allows a samvera application to create hls derivative media files automaticall...
142,306643Jason_Fadely_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
142,306643ringfluxThis gem provides a plugin for Adhearsion, allowing you to publish metrics to InfluxDB
142,306643pasturSuper simple pattern to effectively organize page-specific JS within Rails for use with...
142,306643steven_view_toolSpecifically inputs copyright methods into the application I build using Rails
142,306643procedureable_methodAdd `Method#===`
142,306643cjscp-vagrant-persistent-storageA Vagrant plugin that creates a persistent storage and attaches it to guest machine. (c...
142,306643monstercatA simple Ruby gem for accessing Monstercat's Connect API
142,306643rabbit-slide-znz-lilo-20170506前回の発表以降の の管理の話をします。
142,306643kodi-dedupCLI application to locate and delete duplicate media in Kodi
142,306643myrbA code snippets collection maybe usefull.
142,306643is_numericAdd the method 'numeric?' to String which will return true if the string have a numeric...
142,306643neat-class-generatorA lightweight Sass grid framework
142,306643jekyll-theme-ellisVery simple theme for jekyll
142,306643hecks-loggerHecks Logger