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142321-142340 of all 144,877 gems.
142,320346jekyll-theme-jamJAM. A minimal Jekyll theme for writers.
142,320346namesilo_clientNamesilo API client is a wrapper of Namesilo REST APIs.
142,320346xrateProvides methods to fetch, cache and utilise historic exchange rates in your app.
142,320346boechatVerify the version of external APIs that your project depends on!
142,320346csv_composerEasy and generic csv writer and exporter
142,320346ckeditor-buildsBuilds from CKEditor 5.
142,320346pickpockethackathon project
142,320346jekyllstrap-themeYet another Bootstrap 3 theme for Jekyll
142,320346reagentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
142,320346jlauncherUses fully resolved dependencies to get and start software from central repos
142,333345theme.scce.infoThe standard theme for websites of the SCCE Group and related projects
142,333345rabbit-slide-hasumikin-rubykaigi2018We have a new choice to write firmware for microcomputers(microcontrollers). It's mruby...
142,333345lpLovely print
142,333345auto_format_attributesHelp to format strings in Rails before validation of the Model.
142,333345secp256k1-rubyRuby binding to bitcoin's secp256k1 implementation.
142,333345sequel-auditedA Sequel plugin that logs changes made to an audited model, including who created, upda...
142,333345catlassCloud Automation as Code with Cloud Automator (
142,333345daily_surfingA gem used to get three day surf forecasts of Florida's East Coast.
142,333345money-bank-cryptocompareMoney gem's Bank implementation to Cryptocompare API to do cryptocurrency exchange, lik...