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142341-142360 of all 142,683 gems.
142,340169kvvliveapiAllows to retrieve live information about train and bus depatures as well as informatio...
142,340169THISisPM_pow-dSD_EERWE-ereSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
142,340169render_as_jsSimple Rails helper to render a ruby hash to a ES5/JavaScript object
142,340169jquery-textileToolbar-railsThis gem provides jQuery textileToolbar for Rails > 3.1 applications
142,350168solidus_ship_compliantSolidus Engine for Ship compliant tax calculation service
142,350168eureka-bot-tgRun your messenger bots
142,350168rock_n_rollThis gem provides information on cities, dates, distances, hashtags, and URLs to Rock '...
142,350168memoized_on_frozenBecause memoization creates an ivar
142,350168daskldkasdjaskdaksdkSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
142,350168tyr5FPRO internal rails engine.
142,350168xccov-parseParse xccov JSON format and get particular formatted hash
142,357167buildvuRuby API for IDRSolutions BuildVu Microservice Example
142,357167bootstrap_confirmBootstrapConfirm provides bootstrap confirmation box, easy to integrate with rails.
142,357167structure_conflict_resolverAutomate tedious db/structure.sql conflict resolution
142,363166gh-pr-backportCreate a backport PR from existing PR to a specific branch.