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142341-142360 of all 144,877 gems.
142,333345json_to_openstructA simple Ruby gem adding OpenStruct::parse_json and OpenStruct::parse_hash methods and ...
142,333345visibleVisible enables provider agnostic communication for SMS, Email and Voice calls. Social ...
142,333345hecks-plugins-json-validatorHecks JSON Schema Validations
142,333345pecanContinuous configuration management tool
142,333345lazy_xml_modelAllows you to create ActiveRecord-like models for editing XML files.
142,333345hola_jose_tafurA hello gem
142,333345stax-datadogStax is a flexible set of ruby classes for wrangling your cloudformation stacks.
142,333345adsense_syncGoogle provides async and sync api (javascript) to show ads, adsense_sync gem support g...
142,333345adsense_asyncGoogle provides async and sync api(javascript) to show ads, adsense_async gem support g...
142,333345money2A Ruby Library for dealing with money and currency conversion.
142,352344fluent-plugin-uipath-parserFluentd parser plugin for UiPath Robot.
142,352344ruby_moneyMake operations and exchange between existent currencies using Money objects.
142,352344rbgramWrite a longer description or delete this line.
142,352344virtual_time_zone_railsVirtual TimeZone
142,352344ieee_paper_downloaderIEEE Xploreに掲載された論文PDFのダウンロードを支援します
142,352344veronicaBasically just a lot of wrappers around existing hashing/encrypting methods.
142,352344telegram-bot-response_builderAn extention to the telegram-bot-ruby gem that enables responding to Telegram webho...
142,352344fiscoFisco API wrapper for bitcoin trade.
142,352344nucleo-clientRuby client for interacting with the Nucleo service.
142,352344mincMIscreaNt Cryptotool