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142341-142360 of all 148,608 gems.
142,340536elasticquerybuilderAllows for an easier way to construct Elasticsearch queries. Tries to minimise the verb...
142,340536convertkit-ruby_apiA simple wrapper for the ConvertKit API
142,340536gem_ofPuppet common tools and setup, for testing, building and documenting ruby projects
142,340536python-generatorA gem that helps you quickly build a python project
142,340536rdhA gem that interacts with rdh-api to help you list system dependences for a certain gem
142,340536rand_trand t.
142,340536rails-clustergrammerThis gem is for provides clustergrammer for Rails.
142,340536fastlane-plugin-user_default_setfastlane save user default like ios userDefault
142,340536gooch_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
142,340536apollo-gridApollo Grid
142,351535gissuelDelivering issues to your terminal
142,351535task-treeTask Tree is a CLI tool that helps you keep track of your tasks in a tree structure
142,351535romenigld_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
142,351535omniauth-edenredOmniAuth Strategy for Edenred via OAuth2
142,351535textme-jtjText memory verse and image to user
142,351535obtenirquery github api with their username and save response to file or database
142,351535blaplaceholder gem - something will be released here soon
142,351535activerecord-always_reset_column_informationCall Model.reset_column_information for each migrations
142,351535tooke_utilsIn this version, this toolkit allows the generation, validation and formating of CPF's ...