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142341-142360 of all 152,052 gems.
142,329667laA local Tatoeba.
142,329667runicodeHelper method for stripping unicode 'control', 'other', and 'blank' characters from str...
142,329667whitelisterA simple hello world gem
142,329667tacitRefinements providing glue methods for inheritance chaining.
142,329667sunstone_utilitiesGetting shit done at Sunstone
142,329667semaphoreci_apiRuby HTTP client for the Semaphore CI API.
142,329667dcam_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications
142,329667GoogleWebfontsGoogle Webfonts helper for Rails or Sinatra applications.
142,329667dynamic_uniqueness_validatorDynamic uniqueness validator to validation two fields before save in db.
142,350666fourth_dimensionalFourth Dimensional is an event sourcing library to account for the state of a system ...
142,350666nexus_cli_sbA command-line wrapper for making REST calls to Sonatype Nexus.
142,350666activeawsManaging aws resources with active way.
142,350666sensu-plugins-hangouts-chatSensu plugins for google hangouts chat
142,350666eip55Implementation of the EIP55 checksum address encoding
142,350666theme.scce.infoThe standard theme for websites of the SCCE Group and related projects
142,350666doctor-strangeA Rails plug-in, which checks various services (db, cache, sidekiq, redis, stripe, mail...
142,350666parsing_articlesparsing articles from rss or facebook
142,350666thompson_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
142,350666aca-omniauth-jwtAn OmniAuth strategy to accept JWT-based single sign-on.
142,350666sapper_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.