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143301-143320 of all 145,554 gems.
143,293321sorcery-hhSorcery provider for HeadHunter
143,293321asciidoctor-diagram-eralchemyThis extension generates Entity Relationship (ER) diagram.
143,293321libbomNative library (based on hogliux/bomutils) to access Apple BOM (Bill of Materials) files.
143,293321Pimpnatragem to generate all sinatra files you need ,with some utils
143,306320puppet-community-mvpNothing exciting. Just gathers stats about the Puppet Community. Currently draws data...
143,306320uncapitalizeThis gem is used to uncapitalize first letter of string
143,306320laag-libjpeg-turboLibrary as a Gem - libjpeg-turbo
143,306320the-plainA minimalist, Courier based Jekyll theme
143,306320stringified_enumIt simplifies creation of enums which are supposed to have one-to-one mapping to their ...
143,306320ruby_fast_textRuby wrapper for FastText using the CLI.
143,306320iperfrbIperf-like tool in ruby. Intended use is to benchmark ruby's network performance (as op...
143,313319hongbao-service-apiService IDL generated hongbao Ruby service API
143,313319crowder_newsScrapes recent and featured articles from
143,313319fastlane-plugin-rescan_flaky_testsRe-run `scan` action for each failed test cases.
143,313319any_mail_finderRuby client for AnyMailFinder API
143,313319ConvertInetConvert IPAddr Object.
143,313319caratCarat manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machin...
143,319318opswatchSimple tool that helps an AWS OpsWorks user to be constantly informed about the status ...
143,319318x-editable-rails-bs4X-editable for Rails
143,319318develop_with_styleCreate global and local CSS with very little effort.