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143301-143320 of all 149,403 gems.
143,287523virtfs-camcorderfsRecords all filesystem interactions that are performed under the mount point of the...
143,287523search_in_modelsearch in database by user keyword
143,287523card-mod-airbrakea card mod to send error messages to airbrake
143,287523kubeImperavi Kube CSS & JS framework for the Rails asset pipeline.
143,287523codeops-wcodeops ruby gem
143,287523talisRuby client to utilise Talis primitive services
143,307522fluent-plugin-arrowApache Arrow formatter plugin for fluentd.
143,307522fastlane-plugin-cerberusCerberus is a fastlane plugin for extracting Jira issues from commit messages and shari...
143,307522ruby_universignRuby gem for interacting with Universign electronic signature API. It ease requests to ...
143,307522handcashRuby gem for handcash's API @
143,307522paper_trail_actorThis gem is an extension to paper_trail gem Th...
143,307522coolgemNo, really. It just says hello. That's it.
143,307522fluent-plugin-splunk-http-eventcollector-testSplunk output plugin (HTTP Event Collector) for Fluentd event collector
143,307522dry-struct-railsRails reloading for `dry-struct`
143,307522botkit-telegramA botkit for Telegram
143,307522capistrano-faucetAn unrestictive way to deploy using gitflow and capistrano
143,307522pomf.rbSimple Ruby library for uploading files to pomf.
143,307522knitting_yarn_dealsAs a knitter I am always looking for yarn deals even though I have a basement full of y...
143,307522peterson_view_toolHTML data for Rails applications.