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143301-143320 of all 143,497 gems.
143,298167logstash-codec-json_gzThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
143,298167rubygoTest building and running go native extension.
143,298167game_of_life_gtoA Ruby implementation of Conway's Game of Life to play in terminal with example pattern...
143,298167spectrum_colorpicker_railsAutomagically™ adds the Spectrum Colorpicker JavaScript library to the Rails Asset Pipe...
143,298167palindrome-testA simple Palindrome finder
143,309166simple-bootstrap-formsOverride default rails generators to use bootstrap classes on forms.
143,309166resubyResuby generates an HTML and CSS resume that you can access with your browser. You ...
143,309166poro_service_generatorGenerate simple PORO services for your Rails APP.
143,309166rudbRuby implementation of database with btree and ORM mapper
143,309166littlestitiousSometimes we all get a littlestitious of our strings
143,309166timer_with_snoozetimer under construction.
143,309166palindrome-veluA simple Palindrome finder
143,316165fluent-plugin-haproxyAn haproxy log parser
143,316165blinkist-airbrake-scrubberEmail scrubbing configuration for Airbrake at Blinkist
143,316165STEMConstantsA library of constants with functionality to convert to different units
143,316165piecewiseAdd #piecewise to enumerables, enumerators, and lazy enumerators
143,316165mrcooper-logstash-output-azuresearchlogstash output plugin to store events into Azure Search
143,316165kdnuggets_roundupGet last week's top data science articles from Yee haw!
143,316165itglueThis gem provides a client for interactiong with the IT Glue API