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143301-143320 of all 147,153 gems.
143,299417embulk-decoder-execDecodes Exec-encoded files read by other file input plugins.
143,299417initsAfter logon to my pc, to install first step.(brew ect.)
143,299417CardanoA wrapper for the Cardano API
143,299417focus_commonCommon library for Focus Solution Inc Rails projects
143,299417datatable_railsData tables for rails
143,299417js-packer-railsPack your JS bundle into Rails app! Use whatever tool you want for your JS assets
143,299417aob_view_toolProvides generated HTML info for my views.
143,299417anafGet information about a Romanian company by interogating the webserbice of the National...
143,299417embulk-output-google_analyticsThis plugin performs the data import and measurement protocol into Google Analytics.
143,299417ALU0100893649_ALIMENTO"Clase para gestionar los glúcidos, lípidos y proteínas de un alimento específico"
143,299417alimento_0100763478Crear una clase Alimento que contenga los grupos de nutrientes y sus cantidades
143,299417package-signerWhatever it is, we'll sign it.
143,299417independent_reserve_clientRuby Wrapper for IndependentReserve's API
143,299417qc_dev_view_toolProvides generated HTML data.
143,299417logstash-input-aws-s3sqsThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
143,299417exceptional_creaturesRuby's Exceptional Creatures
143,318416fastenFasten your seatbelts! Run jobs in parallel, intelligently.
143,318416stage_handPerform backups and restores of databases, scrubbing records along the way. This allows...
143,318416year_arrayJust an array wrapper to manage 8760 (or 8784) hourly values related to a year