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143321-143340 of all 145,554 gems.
143,319318thecore_mssql_importer_commonThecorized thecore_mssql_importer_common full description.
143,319318wonder_oracle_databaseWonder Sistemas' shared oracle database config for Rails.
143,319318jekyll-panguAutomatically add spacing between CJK and other characters for all your Jekyll posts
143,319318similarweb-apiSimple ruby wrapper for SimilarWeb API
143,319318pubg-apiA Ruby wrapper for
143,319318cute_exchangeimplement the money conversion in your Ruby project
143,319318metakillerMetakiller is a REST API created to make metadata cleaning easy!
143,319318debitoorA wrapper for the Debitoor API.
143,330317xinput_wrapperplusA wrapper for the Linux utility xinput. Publishes an SPS message whenever the super key...
143,330317simpleoptparseutility class for OptionParse class.
143,330317solidus_abandoned_cartsTake some action for abandoned carts
143,330317pwned_passwordsChecks against the Pwned Passwords API using the first five characters of the SHA1 hash...
143,330317domain-validator-jpdomain name validator includes JP domain
143,330317xanderjakeqModified minima theme
143,330317jekyll-plantastischPlantUML diagrams in Jekyll pages
143,330317youtube_video_infoGet info and download links from YouTube videos.
143,330317rails-force-reloadStarting in v5.0, Rails removed the `force_reload` option from ActiveRecord association...
143,330317jkims_gameThis is a game created as an exercise of The Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Programming course.
143,330317heroku-one-offTake advantage of [Heroku One Off Dynos](
143,341316sidekiq_log_analyserSimple sidekiq log analyzer.