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143321-143340 of all 149,403 gems.
143,307522measure_itsA wrapper to profiling a whole method body
143,307522webmove_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
143,307522gem_pathFind where a gem is located.
143,307522wifidiagQuick Wi-Fi diagnostic page for users, to support network ops
143,307522kiio_labs_view_toolProvides general html data for Rails applications.
143,307522strongest_validationsDescription of StrongestValidations.
143,307522elonkitElonkit is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It is used by elonsoft to get a j...
143,328521yyks_simple_commandEasy way to build and manage commands (service objects)
143,328521pdk-akerlA CLI to facilitate easy, unified development workflows for Puppet modules.
143,328521bookisbnBook ISNB Tool: validate, get ISBN ean.ucc, group, publisher, title and check digit.
143,328521attr_sequenceAn ActiveRecord concern that generates scoped sequential IDs for models.
143,328521status_page_viA nice command-line tool named ‘status-page-vi’ that pulls status information from diff...
143,328521boba_finder_CLIBoba Finder CLI Project for Flatiron School
143,328521month-serializerSerialize Month objects to Integer
143,328521hyrax-iiif_avHyrax plugin for IIIF Presentation 3.0 audiovisual support
143,328521top_companiesScrapes fortune 500's website:
143,328521belong-plugin-rds-pgsql-logfluentd plugin for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL log input with a fix for timestamp
143,328521feedfinderfeedfinder - web feed finder and discovery (RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, etc.)
143,328521jekyll-theme-kernelA simple static Jekyll theme, inspired by
143,328521auto_format_attributesHelp to format strings in Rails before validation of the Model.