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143321-143340 of all 143,497 gems.
143,316165ill_be_backIll Be Back Longer description
143,316165pg-schema-migrationSimple schema migrations for PostgreSQL, which runs pure SQL.
143,325164rack-bearer_authMiddleware for using RFC 6750 bearer auth in Rack apps
143,325164open_gitCommand line utility for opening web pages for repository management services
143,325164github_fast_changelogUses GitHub's v4 GraphQL API to generate a CHANGELOG from PRs matching a list of commits
143,325164changedA simple gem for change tracking.
143,325164filteronFilteron acts as a bridge connecting filter form controls to your ActiveRecord scope, a...
143,330163active_job_logRails engine to register jobs history, adding: job state, error feedback, duration, etc.
143,330163sybren-marechal-thermostat-exercise: Write a longer description or delete this line.
143,330163rgateLogic gates gem for ruby. Includes AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR.
143,330163circleci-build-reportExport build data for a given project and branch on CircleCI in CSV format
143,330163nurseryA simple API for asynchronous flow control to make it clear when jobs finish.
143,330163admin-utilsSome basic utilities that I need often when writing Ruby Code
143,330163holsssssssaA simple hello world gem
143,338162direct_apiYandex Direct api via oauth2
143,338162chigago_employees_ahsanReturn ruby object based on chicago employee json data
143,338162ajax_tiKimA simple Ajax gem
143,338162particles-js-railsRails assets wrapper for