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Most downloads over all time
143321-143340 of all 147,153 gems.
143,318416forcedEasy force update control for APIs that support mobile clients.
143,318416alis-sdk-rubyThe SDK of the ALIS
143,318416ahoy-viewsTrack views of ActiveRecord objects in Rails.
143,318416vehicle_data_mnRetrieve vehicle data info by plate number for Mongolia
143,318416fastlane-plugin-enumerated_translationsConverts a strings file to an enum, to make it more safe to access translations.
143,318416benchmark-outputOutput sub component of benchmark_driver
143,318416knicks_historyCLI App providing statistics for New York Knicks seasons.
143,318416jobsIsNumberEvenreturns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.
143,318416ipcloakIP scrambling for ruby developers
143,318416drummingnews_cli_scraperScraper CLI to display articles for several drumming publications.
143,318416goetheGoethe - Text processing library.
143,318416hola_lucanioiMy first gem!
143,334415messaging-adapterMakes it easy to pub/sup with many message brokers.
143,334415richpresence-rb­čŚ│ Discord RPC rich presence library for Ruby
143,334415navitestCreates .eml files & sync those files and send to parser
143,334415bugzillaMy work is a revamp from ruby-bugzilla from Akira TAGOH
143,334415fastlane-plugin-twineA fastlane plugin providing actions related to twine
143,334415alimento-0100905144Desarrollo de la clase Alimento para calcular su valor energ├ętico usando TDD.