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144021-144040 of all 147,153 gems.
144,019371color_nameA simple gem to get name of the color in hex format
144,019371fastlane-plugin-rescan_flaky_testsRe-run `scan` action for each failed test cases.
144,019371open_api-schema_validatorJSON Schema Validator for OpenAPI
144,019371fcalderon_devcamp_view_toolProvide HTML generators such as copyright.
144,019371code_opsExample for gem class
144,019371simple-jekyll-themeA simple theme for Jekyll.
144,019371vorsprungVorsprung generates base Rails applications and stays up-to-date with best practices.
144,019371pr11.2Practica sobre el Desarrollo Dirigido por Pruebas para la clase Alimento.
144,029370zeploymentThis gem is used for accessing aws-cli commands related to zero-downtime deployment thr...
144,029370fastlane-plugin-android_change_package_nameChange the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml file
144,029370taltestA simple hello world gem
144,029370rails_notifyOne gateway to send notifications from your rails app.
144,029370kpn_winrmAdditional functions for acceptance testing, to run commands and puppet apply over WinR...
144,029370firebase_status_checkerCheck and notify the status of Firebase (from
144,029370bricolage-redisRedis-related job classes for Bricolage batch framework
144,029370dyndnsd-opennebulaExport of tokens from OpenNebula for Dyndnsd config.
144,029370yeelight-lamp-clientRuby client for yeelight lamps
144,029370dijkstra_gemdijkstra algorithm
144,029370rdf_rules_engineRules Engine
144,029370studio_game_testThis is a game.