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Most downloads over all time
144021-144040 of all 144,292 gems.
144,028167rabbit-slide-aycabta-rubykaigi-2018IRB Reboot: Modernize Implementation and Features
144,028167daiki_gemA simple hello world gem
144,028167arbre-formImplements Arbre components for forms
144,028167rendertron_rubyRendertron client
144,028167kimuraiModern web scraping and web automation framework written in ruby and based on Capybara
144,028167pdftable-apiPdftable.client provides two methods: remaining_pages and convert
144,028167jquery_narrowsAdd assets of jquery_narrows to ruby on rails
144,028167moguroDecorator style assertions and type check library for Contract programming.
144,028167GABRIEL-QUIRSCHFELD-thermostat-exercisethe thermostat app for the software engineering exercise
144,028167frontlightShed some light on your Rails front-end.
144,028167import_postmanThis gem imports a postman collection to be used as RequestHash object
144,028167pcapredictA Ruby client for PCA Predict's APIs.
144,043166vuejs_form_forjust use vuejs_form_for instead of form_for
144,043166multaHandy methods to split and cut text in DATA segment
144,043166find_near_datefind record by date from DB tables that is not indexed by date column
144,043166slanger-health_checkHealth check for Slanger service
144,043166sf_helperSaleforce helper
144,043166goodboyA simple CQRS library for Ruby.
144,043166marvel_api_consumerFetches the result from the marvel api gateway