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144021-144040 of all 149,403 gems.
144,013489edjElite Dangerous Journal handling
144,013489trac_langTRAC is a macro language invented in the 1950s.
144,013489MultiCacheMultiCache provides a framework to help you cache at model level on redis under a speci...
144,013489the-swarmSquish or be squished!
144,013489neohubInterface to Neohub in the cloud. Control your thermostat by ruby script.
144,013489french_toastRecipe for French toast from scratch: first, invent universe
144,013489multiple_dbsManagement of multiple databases.
144,013489spree-midtrans-gatewayMidtrans payment gateway for Spree framework
144,013489nmap_service_dumperParses an Nmap XML file and dumps a directory structure to disk representing each liste...
144,030488hotcorgHotcorg watches cpu temperture. You can direct thretholds. If cpu temperture gets over ...
144,030488onypheONYPHE API wrapper for Ruby
144,030488gem-bootstrapCLI for bootstrapping new Ruby gem projects.
144,030488initsAfter logon to my pc, to install first step.(brew ect.)
144,030488shrine-ftpShrine storage that uploads files to an FTP server.
144,030488wavefront-chef-handlerThe Chef Handler gem which will be invoked from Chef based on events, to report the eve...
144,030488ipsumizerGenerate lorem ipsum text from a text sample.
144,030488json_routes_webpackCOnvert Ruby on Rails routes to webpack js-route-loader format and export to a json file.
144,030488wormyA lightweight Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library for Ruby. Allows you to keep code...
144,030488hpuz_testjust only test gem develop