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144021-144040 of all 145,710 gems.
144,011271fxnet-configreads it's a configuration from json files and ENV and hashes
144,011271eghleghl gem for hashing - beta version
144,011271cli_chefCLI Chef makes building command line wrappers easy and simple to incorporate with your ...
144,011271google_auth_boxFor people who never want to know what "three legged auth" means
144,011271smartcat_sdkSmartCat API SDK for ruby & ruby on rails.
144,011271runtime_profilerRuntime Profiler for Rails Applications
144,011271tdffakerFaker, but for Tour de France fake data
144,011271regresEasy schemaless key/value storage on top of Postgres.
144,011271nmax-toolThis script searches for a specified count of maximum numbers in STDIN
144,011271jenkinshassantesthjhjhjasdasdasdSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
144,011271mandarin_chinese_inflections🐼 Mandarin Chinese singularization and pluralization rules for ActiveSupport and Rails.
144,011271lita-cleverbot-demoHelp your Lita chatbot ask Cleverbot when she runs out of things to say.
144,011271tcp_sumacWraps Sumac and TCPMessenger for an easy to implement library.
144,011271tcp_messengerSimple library to open/accept TCP connections and send/receive messages of strings over...
144,011271powereGemeWrite a longer description or delete this line.
144,011271nanorpcCommunicate with the Nano/RaiBlocks network
144,011271tipperA gem for generating tip values based on a number of inputs.
144,011271SimpleNeuralNetworkA very simple neural network implementation in Ruby.
144,011271qiniu_railsDescription of ActivestorageQiniu.
144,011271yadatAn experimental CLI to avoid typing repetitive commands