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144041-144060 of all 147,153 gems.
144,029370voteable_chian2Best voting gem ever
144,029370ruby_gem_demoA simple hello world gem
144,029370rsyslibsRsyslibs collects all local gems in your project and sends them to a web server to dete...
144,044369offsite_payments_liqpay_v3This gem extends the activemerchant offsite_payments gem providing integration of Liqpa...
144,044369nfeplace-clientGem to interact with NFEPlace SOAP API. Enables creation, consultation and import of in...
144,044369marz-rsyncMarz/Rsync is a Ruby library wrapper for the rsync binary
144,044369solidus_abandoned_cartsTake some action for abandoned carts
144,044369tipcal_robsonA gem which calculates a tip based on a string, integer or float input
144,044369memory_logrLog memory consumption of ruby methods on *nix operating systems.
144,044369fluent-plugin-clickhouseFluentd output inserted into ClickHouse as fast column-oriented OLAP DBMS.
144,044369activeoutline_clientA DRb client to access the activeoutline service. Used to lookup pages or links.
144,044369digix_devise_token_authFor use with client side single page apps such as the venerable
144,044369purplish-accessorsAdd variations of attr_accessor for RubyMotion for iOS & macOS
144,044369seated_pluginThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
144,044369lizhi-fmComamnd line tool to download your favourite mp3 from
144,044369etherdevA clean and simple development framework for Ethereum development and deployment
144,044369stocks_exchangeEasily consume the public API of to give a ruby friendly version
144,044369overkillComing soon.
144,044369ui2apiSend and receive data via a Web App's API, ideally using WatirModel objects. The goal i...