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Most downloads over all time
144041-144060 of all 144,292 gems.
144,043166laosijiA simple laosiji
144,043166respondableSimple enhancement for duck typing.
144,052165mojimojiAdd formatting methods to String
144,052165simple_rails_configuratorQuickly import ERB configs from anywhere.
144,052165laag-xzLibrary as a Gem - xz
144,052165json_pathRuby conversion of the Javascript JsonPath from
144,056164jekyll-netlify-redirectsGenerate a Netlify redirects configuration from a Jekyll configuration.
144,056164jekyll-netlify-headersGenerate a Netlify HTTP headers configuration from a Jekyll configuration.
144,056164tenable-rubyUnofficial Ruby library for communicating with the API (also works with Ness...
144,056164numeric_divideProvides Numeric#divide
144,056164spaceinvadersSpaceinvaders invaders detection gem.
144,056164output-syslogThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
144,062163new_eugene_listing_cliProvides information on new property listings in Eugene, Or. posted on Trulia.
144,062163ar_enum_i18nActiveRecord Enum I18n support
144,062163activity_consumerhelp to consume activity feeds of CIM
144,062163yam_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for rails apps.
144,062163apilityKeep Moochers Out. Ruby interface for Apility api, A Reputation API and Anti-Abuse Serv...
144,062163vantiv_sftp_reportsReport Processing for WorldPay/Vantiv/LitleOnline