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Most downloads over all time
144041-144060 of all 145,710 gems.
144,011271persistingUtilities to persisting data in handy ways.
144,042270neowayRuby gem to consume Neoway Api
144,042270fastlane-plugin-killsimulatorKill all the open simulatores
144,042270dk_crawlerA simple web crawler gem
144,042270dasddewqedffsdfsClicksend v3 API
144,042270vagrant-lxc-2.1-patchLinux Containers provider for Vagrant. Patched for LXC 2.1+
144,042270vagrant-reverse_sambaSets up a 'reverse samba share' with a local vagrant instance. This allows the Vagrant ...
144,042270leankit_connectThis program connect to Leankit API
144,042270lmkiProvides a minimalist timer inside the command-line terminal and send a macOS notificat...
144,042270zadarma_apiThin ruby client for API
144,042270thrift-faraday_transportThrift HTTP transport over Faraday
144,042270testingerrorshjThe Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text mes...
144,042270ow_heroes_rosterThis gem scrapes the Overwatch website and provides a roster of all current heroes and ...
144,042270slash_adminA modern and overridable admin gem, just the rails way.
144,042270test_thisisjustasadtestTest gem.
144,042270spotsManages spot instances
144,042270solamenteUtilities for Solamente file format.