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144741-144760 of all 150,062 gems.
144,722486maskerProduction databases contain sensitive information that should not be ...
144,722486hola_from_wendyA simple hello world gem
144,743485smbRpcAs describe in summary
144,743485uppy_on_railsUppy is a file uploader library. You can see more information about it:
144,743485sudowsudow - sudo wrapper to avoid secure_path.
144,743485qbotTiny chatbot flamework.
144,743485xanderjakeqModified minima theme
144,743485firebase_status_checkerCheck and notify the status of Firebase (from
144,743485hola1989A simple hello world gem
144,743485alimentosDescripcion de la gema
144,743485dynamic_searchAdds a search method which allows you to search for multiple words from multiple columns.
144,743485doge_linguistA Linguist Explains the Grammar of Doge. Wow.
144,743485vestacp2Developed and tested on version 0.9.8-14. Only to do simple things with user accounts. ...
144,743485dublinerFind cool folks for your party who don't end up crashing at your place.
144,743485ruby_algorithmsThis gem includes the common data structures and algorithms.
144,756484barongAbility to embed barong into a Rails application to customize it
144,756484muroConverts string keys to symbols of a Hash
144,756484crypto_quoteThis gem will display quote information for the top 15 crytocurrencies
144,756484clarinetSimple client to interface with the Clarifai API v2