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144741-144760 of all 144,902 gems.
144,740170sensingplazasensingplaza library
144,740170hintmea stupid simple cli client for
144,740170authenticator_serverThis gem is a wrapper for auth jwt. This is made in order to be consistent or uniform w...
144,740170pcapredictA Ruby client for PCA Predict's APIs.
144,746169file_concatFile concatenation library for Ruby with some simple options and some complex options.
144,746169JSONiCalThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
144,746169city_pickerRails gem to select chinese area, eg province, city, district and county.
144,746169mwrapmwrap wraps all malloc, calloc, and realloc calls to trace the Ruby source location of ...
144,750168mini_schedulerAdds recurring jobs for Sidekiq
144,750168hs_unifonicGem for sending sms using unifonic api
144,750168graphql-testingGraphQL Testing tools
144,750168jekyll-gists-metaGenerates a json data file for Jekyll containing metadata about a user's gists
144,750168correlation_idAllows correlation tracking from request down the network stack
144,750168unified_csrf_preventionUnified stateless cross-application CSRF prevention implementation for Rails
144,750168rebrandly_clientA simple ruby client to connect to the Rebrandly API
144,750168puts_debugAdds method pd (Puts Debugging) to Ruby. Defined in Kernel module which is included int...
144,750168poptart_uiA set of utlity css helper classes
144,750168jsendGenerates and parses JSend style JSON messages
144,760167pg-urlPostgres connection string builder gem with construction through a prompt or Ruby method.
144,760167yqrYAML Query is written in ruby.