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144741-144760 of all 148,398 gems.
144,731382polycentricAn Act As Dag Fork in order to include functions
144,731382vorsprungVorsprung generates base Rails applications and stays up-to-date with best practices.
144,731382pr11.2Practica sobre el Desarrollo Dirigido por Pruebas para la clase Alimento.
144,744381event-sourcingSimple Ruby Event Sourcing framework, with Rails support
144,744381opensuse_theme_chameleon-railsChameleon theme JavaScript, CSS, and image files packaged for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipe...
144,744381cocoapods-ipubipub plug-in.
144,744381hola_juanseA simple hello world gem
144,744381punter(cross)db client you always wanted
144,744381jekyll-remote-includeA Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that allows remote includes from external assets.
144,744381cabrilloA ruby library to parse and generate ham radio Cabrillo log files.
144,744381devise_remoteAllows Devise to authenticate users from central-authentication services like LDAP and ...
144,744381belirCompute Solutions to Sets of Equations Given Certain Values
144,744381ui2apiSend and receive data via a Web App's API, ideally using WatirModel objects. The goal i...
144,744381indigoframework_agent_clientInteract with your Indigo agent from your ruby app
144,744381studio_game_testThis is a game.
144,744381tzispa_configconfiguration management
144,744381voteable_chian2Best voting gem ever
144,744381rsyslibsRsyslibs collects all local gems in your project and sends them to a web server to dete...
144,744381rdarrAn API wrapper for Radarr