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144761-144780 of all 144,902 gems.
144,760167wemo_deviceGenerate Sparkle appcast.xml
144,760167rebrandly_shortnerURL shortner through Rebrandly API
144,764166fraudlabspro_rubyA Ruby SDK enables user to easily implement fraud detection feature into their solution...
144,764166fossil_scm_capistranoCapistrano 3.x plugin to deploy fossil repositories
144,764166xctokenApple has introduced brand new AppStore Connect API whic requires JWT tokens to be gene...
144,764166probsRepresenting probabilities with objects
144,764166itamae-plugin-resource-selinux_contextselinux context resource of itamae plugin.
144,764166factorio_modsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
144,770165sidekiq-syncAdds perform_sync next to perform_async
144,770165saringanSimple way to send filter parameters to rails models.
144,770165reserved_subdomainIdentify subdomain names that should be reserved
144,770165trashyTrashy let's you soft-delete Active Record models with ease
144,770165cocoapods-dependsayA short description of cocoapods-dependsay.
144,770165arboldefine DSP-like function chains for your lights
144,770165yarmclYARMCL's Another Ruby Model Catalog Library
144,770165xccoverallsCommand line tool for sending Xcode 9.3+ coverage information to Coveralls
144,770165skooteo-fleet-apiSkooteo fleets and related APIs
144,770165singloggerA simple Singleton wrapper around the ruby Logger class, gem-ified it because I found m...
144,770165chain_of_responsibilityRuby implementation of Chain of Responsibility pattern.
144,770165jekyll-socialA Jekyll plugin to support social media on the blog.