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144761-144780 of all 150,062 gems.
144,756484middleman-segmentA Middleman extension to handle generating your Segment tracking code.
144,756484solidus_sliderAdds a slider to the homepage
144,756484phenoscaperbLow Level Ruby Client for the Phenoscape API
144,756484arias_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
144,756484rubystTest case
144,756484inline-erbAdds inline template support, useful for quick scripts to keep everything in a single f...
144,756484chris_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
144,756484safe_redisIf an operation fails, SafeRedis responds as if the key doesn't exist.
144,756484givelively-assetsThe gem holds base assets that are common across all our applications
144,756484logstash-input-box_enterpriseFor SIEMs that do not have the capability to pull the log events from, this plu...
144,756484idempotent_enumerableIdempotentEnumerable is like Enumerable, but tries to preserve original collection type...
144,773483DKRdecodeГем для расшифровки результатов ДКР
144,773483superlanding一頁商店 SuperLanding API Client (ruby implementation)
144,773483baidu_ueditor_rails5Baidu ueditor for rails.
144,773483uncapitalizeThis gem is used to uncapitalize first letter of string
144,773483embulk-decoder-execDecodes Exec-encoded files read by other file input plugins.
144,773483neixinA simple neixin sdk in ruby
144,773483legtools for .leg files
144,773483lifx-lanA Ruby gem that allows easy interaction with LIFX devices.