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144761-144780 of all 148,398 gems.
144,744381rabbit-slide-znz-lilo-20171217前回の発表以降の の管理の話をします。
144,744381rabbit-slide-znz-change-licenseLILO 20周年記念ミートアップでのライセンス変更の例の話のスライドです。
144,744381fluent-plugin-netflow-enchancedNetflow plugin for Fluentd
144,744381gallery-cssGallery.css is all CSS. Think: Simple, maintainable and understandable galleries withou...
144,766380bloom_rubocopBloom's Rubocop Configuration
144,766380uplAccess SWI-Prolog engine from ruby
144,766380bbb_apiBigBlueButton API for Ruby
144,766380bundler-explainGives better explanations of conflicts when running bundle update.
144,766380knuckleheads1313minimilistic die roll game
144,766380buble-sourceThe blazing fast, batteries-included ES2015 compiler
144,766380blur-text_helperThis is a text helper-module for Blur scripts that will make it easier to do common tas...
144,766380xml_to_slimlTransforms XML into Sliml.
144,766380seated_pluginThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
144,766380ramneAll file names randomly rename in the directory.
144,766380stocks_exchangeEasily consume the public API of to give a ruby friendly version
144,766380overkillComing soon.
144,766380wine_listWine List can show you todays top wines as well as the top wines of the current year.
144,766380validate_paramsParams validations for Ruby on Rails
144,766380reverse_polish_calculatorReverse Polish calculator