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145441-145460 of all 150,999 gems.
145,437483logstash-codec-zylogThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
145,437483kubernetes-healthA simple gem to add /_health to your Rails APP for using with Kubernetes
145,437483copyright_gemprovides generated html data for rails application .
145,437483package-signerWhatever it is, we'll sign it.
145,437483http_observatoryEasy to use handler for the HttpObservatory API.
145,437483misterdbMr. DB
145,437483drummingnews_cli_scraperScraper CLI to display articles for several drumming publications.
145,437483gh-newAccess the Github API to create a new repository
145,437483greetrSend predefined greetings.
145,450482jinyu-simple-combinera simple tool for combination and permutation, no any guarentee
145,450482santa_clausThis gem is for santa to ho ho ho...
145,450482log-symbolsLog symbols for your ruby cli apps
145,450482countrizableGem for implementing multi country sites, enables countrizable extension for ActiveReco...
145,450482yade-domain-rest-clientYade Domain Rest Client
145,450482attendanceChanges behavior of Active Record present?
145,450482seconds_to_hhmmssSimple gem that converts seconds into HH:MM:SS format
145,450482tipcal_robsonA gem which calculates a tip based on a string, integer or float input
145,450482angleAngle Framework
145,450482embulk-output-google_analyticsThis plugin performs the data import and measurement protocol into Google Analytics.
145,450482deezifyA simple command line tool which transfers spotify playlists to your deezer account.