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145441-145460 of all 145,554 gems.
145,445166rspecexpectationsYou probably meant `gem install rspec-expectations`.
145,445166rspeccoreYou probably meant `gem install rspec-core`.
145,445166rbfseventYou probably meant `gem install rb-fsevent`.
145,445166PolygonMagickThat's it.
145,445166netscpYou probably meant `gem install net-scp`.
145,445166methodsourceYou probably meant `gem install method_source`.
145,445166awesome_gem_duyawesome_gem_duy demo viblo
145,455165ezmlEZML (EZ Markup Language) is an elegant and fast templating engine. EZML is a layer bui...
145,455165active_storage-postgresqlPostgreSQL Adapter for Active Storage
145,455165taxon.benforevaTaxon lets you write class-free Ruby programs that are extremely explicit about the ent...
145,455165siteguard_lite-log-parserA log parser for SiteGuard Lite WAF
145,455165logstash-input-crawlerThis plugin need set the initial url.
145,455165rspecmocksYou probably meant `gem install rspec-mocks`.
145,455165quacksAdd signatures to your methods
145,455165jqueryrailsYou probably meant `gem install jquery-rails`.
145,455165coffeerailsYou probably meant `gem install coffee-rails`.
145,455165srirachaSimple event sourcing in Ruby
145,465164read-timeReadTime estimates the time required to read the article.
145,465164ulery_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
145,465164sentinel_apiGem to connect to ErrorReporterAPI