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145441-145460 of all 148,627 gems.
145,429353box_mullerBoxMuller implementation in Ruby
145,429353bizinfoscraperThis gem searches based on a zipcode and search term and returns a ...
145,429353rollmana rollbar API wrapper for ruby
145,429353motion-ostructAdd variations of attr_accessor for RubyMotion for iOS & macOS
145,429353material-railsMaterial design lite for rails
145,429353central_authentication_clientThis gem is to create and get data for a central authentication server.
145,429353sluggable_toviThis slug generator increments duplicate slugs after a '-' character.
145,448352devise-no-sessionFlexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
145,448352hack_css-railsOriginally published by For more usages and style guideline ...
145,448352jekyll-fontawesome-svgJekyll plugin to generate FA SVG icon and include them dynamically in your site.
145,448352activestorage-dummyDummy placeholders as an Active Storage service.
145,448352lita-meetup-finderAsk your Lita chatbot to find relevant meetups in your area
145,448352capistrano-lazy_cleanupThis gem makes deployment faster by offloading cleanup I/O for Capistrano 3.x (and 3.x ...
145,448352cuatlan-activerecord-hierarchical_queryRecursively traverse trees using a single SQL query
145,448352birdmongerTwitterServer-based Rack handler
145,448352authqlThis gem is intended for use with it's npm package counterpart 'authql'.
145,448352daltIf date parsing is failing, then we use alternate
145,448352demo_test_telstraThe Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text mes...
145,448352deployed_testSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC