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145441-145460 of all 147,153 gems.
145,440278png_stitcherStitches an array of PNG blogs into one
145,440278kyoyu_ishikiServes files and directories over HTTP.
145,440278jekyll-theme-gh-readmegh-readme is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
145,440278pukiwiki2mdPukiwiki2md is a PEG implementation of PukiWiki parser and transforms PukiWiki notation...
145,440278makeup_maker["Search makeup manufacturers stock and corp info"]
145,440278acts_as_moderatableRails plugin for change-tracking and moderating visibility and status of your ActiveModels
145,440278baidubce-sdkThe official Ruby sdk used to accessing BaiduBce Object Storage Service
145,440278cocoapods-dependencies-graphShows a project's CocoaPods dependency graph.
145,440278apiotics_aws_clientThe gem is using the MQTT protocol to execute the command defined by the AWS IoT platfo...
145,440278compare_linker_commandcompare linker command
145,440278puma-plugin-systemdPuma integration with systemd: notify, status, watchdog
145,440278simplicardYou can use this library to write a card game.
145,440278sdfjskdlfjlsdfjsdlfjsdkfjlskdjflskdfjSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
145,440278getdateA simple gem
145,440278rkn_ip_lookupFuck RKN
145,440278logstash-input-mqtt-exThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
145,440278sadasdasd14531Simple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
145,440278markgemA simple gem
145,440278rttweerweqweMarvel Comics API SDK
145,440278udfhsjkdfhjksdhfkSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC