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146261-146280 of all 153,219 gems.
146,250559vanilla-snackbarA full width snackbar using "vanilla js".
146,250559sort_index_tablerails sort plugin
146,250559hola_awesomehola_awesome_gem works fime
146,250559retrospectA command line tool for saving thoughts for your next retrospective
146,266558szamlazzRuby wrapper for Számlá's Számla Agent.
146,266558ruby-proxmoxA ruby gem for managing Proxmox Servers with Ruby. Based on
146,266558mancalledmountain-themeTheme created specifically for
146,266558fastlane-plugin-sftpPlugin to upload files via SFTP
146,266558jjkazm_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,266558card-mod-markdownuse markdown in decko card content
146,266558activerecord-data_integrityCLI-tool to check data integrity of the Rails-application project
146,266558aws_provisionerA DSL that compiles to AWS CloudFormation and provisions AWS resources.
146,266558state_geo_toolsI got sick of copying the same US states constant.
146,266558omniauth-linodeOmniAuth strategy for Linode
146,266558piahA library for constructing data pipelines.
146,266558drain-coreA library containing the core entities in applications involving drain adoption and t...
146,266558dummyimageA simple gem which will generates a dummy image
146,266558spencerSpencer massively simplifies the distribution process of enterprise apps.
146,266558datum-form_validatorValidate values for each attributes of given schema