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Most downloads over all time
146281-146300 of all 150,100 gems.
146,278387testgemprebenA simple hello world gem
146,278387adriOrganize photos by date and location in a directory structure
146,278387aes37_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,278387ruboty-chatwork_webhookAn ruboty adapter for Chatwork webhook.
146,278387cellane_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,278387embulk-encoder-commandEncodes files using any command output for other file output plugins.
146,278387eefioClient library for the Eefio API
146,278387hasheHash with dynamic setters and getters
146,278387cuatlan-activerecord-hierarchical_queryRecursively traverse trees using a single SQL query
146,278387hypixel-ruby-devRobust, but powerful. Source avaible at
146,278387box_mullerBoxMuller implementation in Ruby
146,278387bizinfoscraperThis gem searches based on a zipcode and search term and returns a ...
146,278387bin2decA tool to convert binary to decimal numbers
146,278387fried-dependencyEasily define object dependencies and inject them
146,278387pbnexustest_downloadtest description
146,278387szx_color_stringThis is simple ruby gem for print color string on terminal.
146,278387adsense_syncGoogle provides async and sync api (javascript) to show ads, adsense_sync gem support g...
146,278387money2A Ruby Library for dealing with money and currency conversion.
146,299386esjoyAllows user to use elasticsearch in ruby projects.
146,299386routereturns true if the given number is even, otherwise returns false.