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146281-146300 of all 147,867 gems.
146,268270logstash-output-custom_solr_httpThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
146,268270omeletteOmelette is a Ruby gem that uses the Omeka API to import data. It has a DSL and can be ...
146,283269grpc-flamingoSend RPCs from Ruby using GRPC
146,283269fastlane-plugin-gsheet_metadataGenerate metadata from Google Spreadsheet
146,283269organismoConvert Org text to HTML, including headers, code blocks etc.
146,283269cartesian_for_geoHelper for transform Polygons from GoogleMaps to PSQL DB correctly
146,283269pre-commit-signThis pre-commit plugin will hash certain fields of the commit message and sign it.
146,283269bank_gateway_samanHelp you to handle all requests to saman payment gateway
146,283269Aython-Houttekier-thermostat-exercisea ruby gem for a thermostat application
146,283269edward-shenEdward shen's face.
146,283269laag-xzLibrary as a Gem - xz
146,283269wash-outDead simple Rails 5 SOAP server library
146,283269finalize_blockJoke gem - This gem provide `finalize_block` method.
146,283269ubiquity-vdmsGem and utilities to interact with Verizon Digital Media Services.
146,283269pringle_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,283269itamae-plugin-recipe-codedeploy_agentItamae recipe for installing codedeploy-agent on amazon linux
146,283269dfaDeterministic finite automaton implementation
146,283269crypto_quoteThis gem will display quote information for the top 15 crytocurrencies
146,283269Gol_ColConway's Game of Life is awesome gem.