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146281-146300 of all 153,219 gems.
146,266558glennr-ey-scpQuickly copy files (e.g. YMLs or configuration files) to multiple EngineYard servers
146,282557xmrtoA api library
146, api client
146,282557keyword_builderDSL builder interface to wrap keyword constructors.
146,282557norobotsA rack middleware that blocks all bots when BLOCK_ROBOTS environment variable is set to...
146,282557simple_cryptA gem to encrypt and decrypt data using AES256-GCM and PBKDF using scrypt
146,282557servicifyA Ruby gem providing a skeleton to build service object
146,282557keepasshttpA client for to fetch passwords
146,282557brightcove_cms_apiA simple wrapper around Brightcove's CMS API
146,282557nandumy first gem, have an functionality for generating values based on number which is inpu...
146,282557cabrilloA ruby library to parse and generate ham radio Cabrillo log files.
146,282557pronto-terraform_formatA pronto runner for Terraform.
146,282557sixarm_ruby_active_record_migration_mockActiveRecord migration mock object for testing
146,282557wrap_guardNever deal with orphan words again!
146,282557parctivecamp_view_toolProvides genetated HTML data for Rails applications .
146,282557alimento0100886306Write a longer description or delete this line.
146,282557ecm_comments_backendEcm::Comments::Backend Module.
146,282557file-rackFile-based rack session mechanism keeping only session_id in the cookie.
146,282557respectre-jekyll-themetesting jekyll theme creation.