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146,797567factory_bot_variantsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
146,797567aspose_htmlThis repository contains Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for ruby source code.
146,797567attendanceChanges behavior of Active Record present?
146,797567punter(cross)db client you always wanted
146,797567ttt_chidoIt's a cool gem to have fun some time.
146,797567alimento-0100905144Desarrollo de la clase Alimento para calcular su valor energético usando TDD.
146,797567ALU0100893649_ALIMENTO"Clase para gestionar los glúcidos, lípidos y proteínas de un alimento específico"
146,797567rotation_hashA Hash descendant with elements count limit and rotation
146,797567authlogic_crypto_zeroSimply way to add performance during tests execution disabling password encryption
146,797567michael_c_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,797567sinatra_touchsell_store_appHelpers for Sinatra to generate Touch & Sell store application
146,797567lita-gustavo-santosA Lita handler for gustavo santos.
146,797567hello_allA simple hello world gem
146,797567pocketmpocketm ruby gem calculates your expenses by asking for inputs and writes them to a fil...
146,797567klandimageThis gem provides an interface for uploading images to the Kland Image host, via rest-c...
146,797567hola_glennA simple hello world gem
146,818566teamwork_apiTeamwork API
146,818566currentpredictorreturns if the value is being multiplied with the provider
146,818566schnorrThe ruby implementation of Schnorr signature.