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146841-146860 of all 153,219 gems.
146,833523github-csv-changelogMost useful for squash merge commits on Github - this gem links pull request from each ...
146,833523scaleyFancy scaling for Engine Yard environments
146,833523fastlane-plugin-enumerated_translationsConverts a strings file to an enum, to make it more safe to access translations.
146,833523jekyll-theme-ancIt is personal blog theme
146,833523relish-billingHandles billing
146,833523luminaLumina builds packages for Linux, OS X, and Windows by bundling all the necessary tools...
146,848522bitpesa-sdkRuby library for the BitPesa API
146,848522jekyll-theme-fluffyA lightweight, minimal theme for Jekyll
146,848522ip-lookupLookup IP Address with API to get a lot of information using
146,848522sushi_sumeshiSushi generatoršŸ£
146,848522aj_view_toolProvided generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,848522html2pdf-railsPDF generator (from HTML) gem for Ruby on Rails
146,848522tic_tac_toe_vjYou can play tic tak toe game by using this gem
146,848522chronologChronolog is a CLI for logging time in plain text files
146,848522delubiod_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,848522graph_attackGraphQL analyser for blocking & throttling
146,848522opswatchSimple tool that helps an AWS OpsWorks user to be constantly informed about the status ...
146,848522bip21Simple script that generates BIP21 URI scheme. More detailed description can be found: ...
146,848522BCAWrite a longer description or delete this line.