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Most downloads over all time
146901-146920 of all 147,214 gems.
146,894171better-patchesA simple gem for one off tasks for example database patches
146,894171itamae-plugin-resource-opamitamae plugin for OPAM
146,903170evil-metricsCollect statistics about how your application is performing with ease. Export metri...
146,903170sequel-auditerA Sequel plugin that logs changes made to an audited model, including who created, upda...
146,903170peek-deviseTake a peek into the Devise info of your Rails application.
146,903170treasure-gameIntro to Ruby course covering essential elements of language
146,903170phantomblasterA gem for interacting with Phantombuster agents. Allows you to easily manage, sync and ...
146,908169yade-project-rest-clientYade Project Rest Client
146,908169yade-composer-rest-clientYade Composer Rest Client
146,908169jsonapi-simple_clientBarebones client for an API using the JSON API Specification.
146,908169bacchus-wineA CLI utility for installing and managing applications with wine.
146,908169yard-link_stdlibA YARD plugin (with a bit of monkey-business) to support referencing modules, classes,...
146,908169get_view_nameGet rendered view name not action
146,908169win_aliasManage simple bat scripts to easily generate aliases in Windows.
146,908169simple-jsonapi-deserializerStraight forward, painless, zero config deserialization of JSON API resources.
146,908169roger_url_relativizerProcessor for relativizing URL's templates
146,908169sorbet-stripe"There will be a description here one day"
146,918168mdeering-styleMy opinionated and even sometimes misinformed style and code linting configurations
146,918168yade-commonYade Common
146,918168evil-metrics-railsEasy collecting your Rails apps metrics