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146901-146920 of all 150,062 gems.
146,884358test_exeA test gem for setting up ruby executable
146,884358sdsdsdhjghClicksend v3 API
146,884358saddSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
146,884358kbtKubernetes templating engine for Ruby.
146,884358carrierwave_instrumentationWIP - will add more endpoints (PR welcome :)
146,884358msc_single_sign_onSingle sign on supports for MSC assessment suite
146,884358states-dslCreate AWS Step Function JSON from a DSL
146,884358hola_madhuA simple hello world gem
146,884358assemblage-webThis gem adds web services to an Assemblage continuous integration server. It's still ...
146,884358regresEasy schemaless key/value storage on top of Postgres.
146,884358theatre_cli_gemProvides information about current Broadway musicals obtained from
146,884358newtestforthisshitSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
146,884358tcp_sumacWraps Sumac and TCPMessenger for an easy to implement library.
146,884358telstra_messaging_api_demo_telstra_team_feb_20_thThe Telstra SMS Messaging API allows your applications to send and receive SMS text mes...
146,884358solidrubyInspired by CrystalScad and SolidPython, based on CrystalScad and RubyScad
146,884358snake_the_gameA bit updated remake of famous Nokia3310-like Snake
146,919357fake_activityMake your github account really active!
146,919357umbrellio-sequel-pluginsSequel plugins