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146921-146940 of all 152,670 gems.
146,917471jekyll-theme-boilerplateJekyll boilerplate theme.
146,917471grape-throttlerA middleware for Grape to add endpoint-specific throttling.
146,917471fluentdlyAllows to customize messages for sending logs to fluentd
146,917471domain_com_auProvides wrapper class for retrieving resources
146,917471ncpdpA GEM to help parse and create NCPDP D.0 Transactions
146,917471keikoWrite a longer description or delete this line.
146,917471gaurun-rubygaurun API for ruby
146,917471xkcd_calendar_factsThis Ruby Gem generates random calendar facts from Randall Munroe\'s XKCD #1930 \'Calen...
146,917471indie_bookstore_finderScraper CLI to find independent bookstores by state and city.
146,917471komposerThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
146,917471wltWlt is a command line application and API to translate text using the Watson Language T...
146,917471kajian-kajian_muslimPlugin/Adapter untuk pustaka Kajian.
146,934470michelsonmichelson - test simulator / runtime for type-safe 'n' functional (crypto) contracts
146,934470scc_railsspring cloud config client for rails with /refresh endpoint and init to $cloud_env
146,934470slackifySlackbot framework for Rails using the Events API. Supports events, interactive message...
146,934470flagitFlag it. Flag your commit. Share your knowledge and progress, bit by bit.
146,934470apt-kusaPost the number of packages installed with APT to
146,934470yclients-apiRuby interface to the Yclients API