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146921-146940 of all 148,608 gems.
146,918279place-apiA simple library to interface with the Place REST API. See https://developer.placepay.c...
146,918279hocsvHOCSV is a Ruby gem that converts an array of hashes to a CSV file.
146,918279ads-jekyll-themeCustom Jekyll theme for Allison Skinner's portfolio site
146,918279xccoverallsCommand line tool for sending Xcode 9.3+ coverage information to Coveralls
146,918279naymorGenerates human readable unique-ish string
146,918279rbshardA Compression/Encyption All in one framework. No this is not sequential C/E but rather ...
146,918279aws-transcoder-railsAWS Elastic Transcoder Rails Library
146,918279yard-dry-initializerGenerates for you all YARD declarations of attributes and initializer parameters create...
146,918279kramdown-ampKramdown AMP Converter
146,918279finalize_blockJoke gem - This gem provide `finalize_block` method.
146,918279docker_pidTool for finding dokcer container ID from pid of host.
146,918279zonesThis gem makes it easy to work with time zones.
146,918279ubiquity-vdmsGem and utilities to interact with Verizon Digital Media Services.
146,918279monero_wallet_genLets you generate a fully functional monero address which you can send money to.
146,918279mivi_consumeto consume details
146,918279wip_apiMakers unite through API to build more awesomeness!
146,918279strong_queriesA GraphQL-inspired querying plugin for Rails with usage similar to strong_parameters.
146,939278test_hello_noukodsay hello
146,939278pan_domainA gem which create common tables and data which prioritize on data integrity.