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146921-146940 of all 153,727 gems.
146,913555middleman-segmentA Middleman extension to handle generating your Segment tracking code.
146,913555Alimento-alu0100918540Gema 'Alimento' para LPP.
146,913555alimento0101069937Calculo de nutrientes de un alimento
146,913555alimento0100997910Gema para calcular el indice calorico de un alimento
146,913555rubystTest case
146,913555independent_reserveUnofficial Independent Reserve API client
146,913555closhClosh automatically bootstrap servers in the cloud to run shell commands
146,929554olive_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,929554scc_railsspring cloud config client for rails with /refresh endpoint and init to $cloud_env
146,929554powercash21Ruby API client for Powercash21
146,929554fixerio_clientGet latest or historic currency rates for base EUR from
146,929554cc_issuerRuby gem to find issuer of the Credit Card
146,929554dynamic_selectableDynamicSelectable will allow you to easily create collection_select fields ...
146,929554kamaraProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,929554genderize_wrapperGet gender info from first name using API.
146,929554idempotent_enumerableIdempotentEnumerable is like Enumerable, but tries to preserve original collection type...
146,929554hola_frljokaA simple hello world gem
146,939553rabbitmq_http_auth_backendMountable Rack application that implements a configurable API for RabbitMQ's rabbitmq-a...
146,939553sensu-plugins-rocket-chatSensu plugin for interfacing with RocketChat