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146921-146940 of all 147,214 gems.
146,918168banks_api-ynabSynchronize transactions from your bank account to YNAB
146,918168active_countActiveRecord count helpers - avoid N+1 queries when counting associations and more.
146,918168mermaid_htmlHelps to convert a Mermaid script into a html page showing the diagram.
146,918168omniauth-tinkOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Tink.
146,918168omniauth-ingOfficial OmniAuth strategy for ING.
146,918168iftttIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
146,927167yade-domain-rest-clientYade Domain Rest Client
146,927167money-exchangeThis gem provides money-gem-compatible rates store connected to Open Exchange Rates API...
146,929166rspec-stubbed_envStub environment variables in a scoped context for testing stub_env( 'AWS_REGION' => ...
146,929166santos_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
146,929166spec_handlerA quite simple gem which helps your podspec compile your swift code. It organizes the f...
146,929166brickset_apiThis gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the (v2) API. The API...
146,933165get_addressA simple API for finding postal addresses
146,933165gitpaintJust because I can
146,933165active_redis_statsRedis based analytics.
146,933165dradis-saintThis add-on allows you to upload and parse reports from Saint.
146,933165himekoAWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login
146,933165clova-speechClova API - SDK of the LINE Clova Smart Speaker API for Ruby. Developed as part of an i...
146,933165caseblocksThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
146,933165rails-iftttIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App