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Most downloads over all time
146941-146960 of all 150,062 gems.
146,919357mdt-versionedA module that implements versioned releases deployment for MDT
146,919357zadarma_apiThin ruby client for API
146,919357slash_adminA modern and overridable admin gem, just the rails way.
146,919357nanorpcCommunicate with the Nano/RaiBlocks network
146,919357tipperA gem for generating tip values based on a number of inputs.
146,919357solamenteUtilities for Solamente file format.
146,919357debitoorA wrapper for the Debitoor API.
146,948356attr_publishActiveRecord convenience methods and scopes for publishing and finding published, unpub...
146,948356physicalA package with boxes and items
146,948356minitest-warningDetect Ruby warnings.
146,948356tmoia_palindromepalidrome done in learn enough to be doangerous
146,948356scc-less-rails-bootstrapCSS toolkit from Twitter For Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline. Best one of all!
146,948356elasticsearch-index-transferRuby gem for transferring elasticsearch index from one source to another source
146,948356active_normalizerNormalize japanese characters
146,948356photographic_memorySimple image processing and storage
146,948356future_recordsAsynchronous query executer for Active Record
146,948356hobby-sso-emailing_serverA hobby-sso server providing authentication links to emails.
146,948356sad2018A test component for the Software Architecture class that open the ...
146,948356virtual_gemcreate virtual gem and for checking dependency