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146941-146960 of all 148,608 gems.
146,939278rails-assets-bulma-dividerDisplay a vertical or horizontal divider to segment your design.
146,939278omniauth-camdramOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Camdram
146,939278fcoinRuby wrapper for huobi api
146,939278attr_value_objectdefines getter and setter via Value Object to separate logic from model
146,939278bouchThe Budget Pouch. Fast annual budget projections.
146,939278paper_trail-hashdiffAllows storing only incremental changes in the object_changes column
146,939278laag-fontconfigLibrary as a Gem - fontconfig
146,939278rails_medium_editor_insert_pluginWrite a longer description or delete this line.
146,939278itest5ch5ch (a.k.a. 2ch) reader via
146,939278ubiquity-envoiGem and Utilities to interact with the platform.
146,939278tippy_NextoliveA gem for geneating tips values based on.
146,939278grim-objectGenerate grim Heroku-like object names.
146,939278ruby-hl7-zcfZCF is a custom segment commonly used to define custom fields
146,939278md-nokoThis is a simple module that encapsulates a set of desirable manipulations to the (X)HT...
146,939278opticOptic API bindings.
146,939278nurseryA simple API for asynchronous flow control to make it clear when jobs finish.
146,939278rudbRuby implementation of database with btree and ORM mapper
146,939278spectrum_colorpicker_railsAutomagically™ adds the Spectrum Colorpicker JavaScript library to the Rails Asset Pipe...
146,939278palindrome-testA simple Palindrome finder