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146941-146960 of all 147,214 gems.
146,941164much-slugFriendly, human-readable identifiers for database records.
146,941164fiat_stripeThis gem is designed to be used by Fiat Insight developers on Rails projects that need ...
146,941164ar-sequenceAdd support for PostgreSQL's SEQUENCE on ActiveRecord migrations
146,941164flippaRuby client for Flippa
146,941164water_manChecker of your origin
146,941164rspec_screenshot_dashboardHooks into RSpec and makes browser screenshots in all js-feature specs. It works, by ho...
146,941164ifttt-railsIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
146,948163vta_view_toolAt the momment it can only build a copyright.
146,948163notifiable-email-sesAWS SNS Email connector for Notifiable
146,948163citadel-sdkA simple way to publish messages on Citadel
146,948163lita-doubler-iamarmanjonDoubles numbers - simple demo skill
146,948163guerrilla_mail_clientAvoid spam and stay safe with Guerrilla Mail disposable temporary email addresses. This...
146,948163deepak_gemProvides generated HTML data for rails application
146,948163isd_codeLook up for the country isd codes and visa versa!
146,948163user_friendly_api_errorsRuby pattern that addresses the common need to translate technical errors to user-...
146,956162solarized-blog-themeSolarized blog theme for jekyll
146,956162fiat_notificationsThis gem is designed to be used by Fiat Insight developers on Rails projects that need ...
146,956162audrey_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,956162foodie-exampleAn example gem that can tastes food, pluralize your food(or any other thing) and genera...
146,956162habitat_supervisorRubygem wrapper for the Habitat Supervisor API