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146941-146960 of all 153,772 gems.
146,936561orroiГем Оррой
146,936561loadable_configSimple declarative configuration files
146,936561santa_clausThis gem is for santa to ho ho ho...
146,936561powercash21Ruby API client for Powercash21
146,936561fluent-plugin-factorinput plugin for gathering factor
146,936561muroConverts string keys to symbols of a Hash
146,936561address_formatterThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
146,936561Alimento-alu0100918540Gema 'Alimento' para LPP.
146,936561alimentense"Clase para mostrar las proteinas, glucidos, lipidos y valor calorico de alimentos"
146,936561shoryuken-batchShoryuken Batch Jobs Implementation
146,936561logstash-input-pingThis gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
146,936561highlight-within-textarea-railsjQuery plugin for highlighting bits of text within a textarea.
146,936561drteethDr. Teeth
146,936561rt-transform-rubyTranform React Templates content from Ruby
146,936561genderize_wrapperGet gender info from first name using API.
146,936561closhClosh automatically bootstrap servers in the cloud to run shell commands
146,959560ranch-handProvides an interface between the Rancher CLI and the Kubectl commands
146,959560rails-social-share-buttonrails-social-share-button is one of the best rails helper gem​ to add social share feat...