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Most downloads over all time
146941-146960 of all 152,670 gems.
146,934470jekyll-e-bookE-book generator for Jekyll
146,934470buble-sourceThe blazing fast, batteries-included ES2015 compiler
146,934470rub2simple DSL for submitting jobs via qsub
146,934470intervals_for_humansA gem for parsing date intervals into human-readable text
146,934470prct060100890730Calcular el valor calorico
146,934470keyslime-clientKeyslime Client
146,948469vttRuby gem to test c & java extenstions
146,948469mendeley_oauth2All gems that I found are not out of date - I decided to write my own gem.
146,948469find_dark_intervalsFinds sections in a video with sufficient darkness using ffmpeg, ImageMagick and standa...
146,948469file_explorerFile Explorer
146,948469sk-fluent-plugin-kafkaFluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8
146,948469knuckleheads1313minimilistic die roll game
146,948469fastlane-plugin-podspec_dependency_versioningEdit the versions of your podspec dependencies
146,948469memory_logrLog memory consumption of ruby methods on *nix operating systems.
146,948469vagrant-hetznercloudEnables Vagrant to manage machines in Hetznercloud.
146,948469code_opsExample for gem class
146,948469code_formatterswift code formatter
146,948469ntcPort of ntc.js by Chirag Mehta
146,948469ruby_gem_demoA simple hello world gem