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146961-146980 of all 153,219 gems.
146,939516prefatorySometimes you need to collect data before you can write it to the database. ...
146,939516libertree-modelDatabase library for Libertree
146,963515actioncomponentStop using views: frontend components architecture for Ruby on Rails
146,963515int_timeA value class for time
146,963515yabeda-grufYabeda exporter for gruf gRPC server
146,963515right-meowForever is made up of meows. Some fun aliases for
146,963515jenstreetman_palindromeCreated as part of a Learn Enough Ruby Tutorial.
146,963515wz_dddWrite a longer description or delete this line.
146,963515snappler_contable_multicurrencyAgrega modelo contable a una aplicacion
146,963515bittrader-botA cryptocurrency trading bot that interfaces with a given cryptocurrency trading exchan...
146,963515mdown2pdfEasily convert Markdown documents to PDF files.
146,963515jekyllstrap-themeYet another Bootstrap 3 theme for Jekyll
146,963515crowdfund_tblessingThis is my second program, this is a program from pragmatic_studio to learn the Ruby la...
146,963515verihashStructured hashing algorithm that works across multiple formats (Veriform, TJSON)
146,963515mapaheadwork ahead in the stream
146,963515graphql-defenderLike rack-attack, but for GraphQL. This is under development.
146,978514aes37_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
146,978514axtellGem creation example