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146961-146980 of all 154,217 gems.
146,954601cabrilloA ruby library to parse and generate ham radio Cabrillo log files.
146,954601logging-rollbarThe Rollbar appender for the Ruby Logging framework.
146,954601annyeongA korean hello world gem
146,954601kolekti_analizoMetric collecting support for C, C++ and JAVA that servers Kolekti.
146,954601fourthbaseFourthBase provides support for Rails to manage dual databases by extending ActiveRecor...
146,954601jsonarCommand-line tool for searching in JSON files
146,954601tech_news"TechNews lists the latest tech articles on Google News".
146,954601globalize_overlap_checkerraise error when duplicated tlanslate columns exist and generate remove migration
146,954601cryptidLog analytics events to the Cryptid Analytics service from your Ruby API
146,954601omniauth-sentryOmniAuth strategy for Sentry (
146,954601pf_retrowaveLib for generatin an 80s Retro Wave meme image.
146,954601easytraceUse TracePoint more easily
146,954601inferno_view_toolProvides HTML data for Rails applications
146,975600rfilelockReentrant Filelock using sheerun/filelock and flock
146,975600hipmostMigrate your hipchat history to Mattermost
146,975600activestorage-aliyun-ossWraps the Aliyun OSS as an Active Storage service.
146,975600brightcove_serviceBrightcoveService Wrapper for Ruby
146,975600tipcal_robsonA gem which calculates a tip based on a string, integer or float input
146,975600kolekti_radonMetric collecting support for Python that serves Kolekti.