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146981-147000 of all 153,219 gems.
146,978514deeply_enumerablerecusrive support for enumerable operations
146,978514word_generatorGiven letters, generates possible english words.
146,978514enumpathEnumpath is an implementation of the JSONPath spec for Ruby objects, plus some added su...
146,978514x-editable-rails-bs4X-editable for Rails
146,978514bloc_recordsA client for the Bloc API
146,978514bunto-swissA bold typographic theme for Bunto, inspired by Swiss design.
146,978514perf_countersRead the CPU's performance counters perf_event_open(2)
146,978514shynessPost student questions from the command line to the API developed at s-espinosa/ask.
146,978514lazy_xml_modelAllows you to create ActiveRecord-like models for editing XML files.
146,978514fastlane-plugin-asciiiAdd ascii text to your fastlane output
146,978514mdb_basic_gemSimple gem to test the process of writing, buiding, and publishing a gem.
146,992513help_scout-sdkRuby Help Scout (aka HelpScout) SDK, using Mailbox API v2.0
146,992513ruby-shrine-aliyun-ossProvides Aliyun OSS storage for Shrine.
146,992513hola_everybodyA simple hello world gem
146,992513yaml_editorAllows update of YAML directly indexing fields within the document without deserialisat...
146,992513P06axzPrograma en ruby para calcular el valor energ├ętico de un alimento dado, teniendo en cue...
146,992513P06Desarrollo Dirigido por Pruebas
146,992513teambition2Teambiton API for Ruby
146,992513reagentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
146,992513reset-jekyll-configReset jekyll default config.