Total Downloads Ranking

Most downloads over all time
146981-147000 of all 154,217 gems.
146,975600kolekti_cc_phpmdMetric collecting support for PHP that servers Kolekti.
146,975600pusher-notifications-rubyPusher Push Notification Ruby SDK
146,975600id-pleaseA gem for id and passport validation.
146,975600yjRails JSON View Builder with YAML and ERB
146,975600sample_siddharthaSample a few paragraphs from a nice book.
146,975600sirachaGenerate a rails app through my practice
146,975600nis-cliRuby CUI client for the NEM Infrastructure Server API
146,975600lambLambda tool
146,975600dog-breedsFind names of dog breeds and read detailed information about each breed.
146,975600ruby_build_iosA Ruby library to help write scripts to build IOS mobile apps written during HS2's 2017...
146,975600financial_yearA gem tells you what financial year is it now, and also the date range of it
146,975600embulk-parser-mahoutParses Mahout files read by other file input plugins.
146,994599lime_surveyFully implements LimeSurvey API
146,994599event_sourcery-railsEvent Sourcery with the conventions of Rails. Because combining two great powers is alw...
146,994599tachoRecords performance data and displays it.
146,994599firebase_faraday_clientUse faraday as http client for firebase
146,994599capital_on_tapCapital on Tap API wrapper
146,994599hjhjhjnewTesting various api features
146,994599gdaxFull featured Ruby client to GDAX Exchange API by Coinbase