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147621-147640 of all 150,999 gems.
147,609363k_adminSimple admin interface for data administration.
147,609363cryptoprocessingGem to access Blockchain Cryptoprocessing Platform API
147,609363ryobaNokogiri utility methods
147,609363cronjorbA small framework for running ruby scripts as cron jobs.
147,609363heardA gem that will let you listen to multiple blocking events simultaneously.
147,609363fast_activesupportActive Support impelementation in C for the ones who need for speed.
147,609363vop-servicesMetadata for how to install and operate services.
147,609363ncbvmxcnbvmjxcbvmxcnvmxcnvnmcbvncxSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
147,609363VantivCnpLitle Online Ruby SDK created for version 8.18 of Litle XML format, see the XSD schema ...
147,609363hola_mutantosA simple hello world gem
147,632362authegyOpinionated app strategy used for authentication & role-based authorization.
147,632362rspec-ndjson-formatterDump rspec tests out in ndjson format. Each top level group starts a new line
147,632362mastercard_oauth1_signerZero dependency library for generating a Mastercard API compliant OAuth signature
147,632362bsv_ruby_explorerRuby wrapper for the BSV blockchain query API service. Enables queries by address and t...
147,632362spirv-crossRuby bindings for SPIRV-Cross to provide reflection of SPIR-V shaders.
147,632362workflow_coreA Rails engine which providing essential infrastructure of workflow. It's based on Work...
147,632362the_captainThe Captain will tell, talk, and taddle on those pesky fraudulent scalliwags.
147,632362haasbot_rubyProvides an interface to consume the local API of HaasBot
147,632362digital_capital将阿拉伯数字转换成中文大写 人民币大写转换