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148301-148320 of all 150,062 gems.
148,293287chronic-davispuhChronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby.
148,302286slim_erb_backportBackport support for Slim 4+ version for ERB support in Slim views.
148,302286rkhan_palindromeRuby Palindrome Detector
148,302286loongsonA simple hello world gem
148,302286alu0100894646menu"Desarrollar una práctica sobre el "
148,302286cwys_mega_lotto根据 build a ruby gem 这本书上的例子写成
148,302286ndtypesNDtypes is library for defining memory shapes using a easy and friendly interface. It...
148,302286tachyons-sass-railsSASS assets for for your Rails project.
148,302286rugalPure-ruby implementation of genetic algorithms
148,302286jquery-scrolltofixed-railsIntegrates JQuery ScrollToFixed to Rails Sprockets
148,302286raven_loggerSend arbitrary events to Sentry
148,312285wordwrapWrap words easily e.g."Some long line you want to shorten into shorter li...
148,312285carsensor-apiRuby binding to Carsensor API(
148,312285inspec-resource-listerExample for implementing an InSpec Plugin. This simply lists available resources.
148,312285gumathGumath is library for function dispatch to XND containers.
148,312285ruby_galthe very best responsive gallery
148,312285nanopoolInteract with nanopool API
148,312285matchdLet's you use Async::DNS as a server daemon and configure it using yaml files. No writi...
148,312285libmobiLibrary for handling Kindle (MOBI) formats of ebook documents
148,312285railsdomtestingYou probably meant `gem install rails-dom-testing`.