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148301-148320 of all 148,495 gems.
148,299154no-regretsVisual regression testing for Capybara specs
148,299154geo_fakerImprove your test and demo data by generating realistically distributed geo-coordinates
148,303153isValueGreaterThanZeroreturns true if the given number is greater than zero, otherwise returns false.
148,303153rubocop-disallow-safe-navigationCode style checking to disallow safe navigation
148,303153radev_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
148,306152author_engineCreate arcade style games quickly and easily
148,306152azure_mgmt_kustoMicrosoft Azure Kusto Management Client Library for Ruby
148,306152meowhashMeow Hash C extension for Ruby
148,306152ipsum_maidenA metal-themed lorem ipsum (placeholder text) generator
148,306152at_emailAn email management and support toolkit
148,306152activerecord_bulkoperationThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
148,312151giftbit-railsA simple Ruby wrapper for Giftbit API
148,312151lccnormNormalize Library of Congress Control Numbers.
148,312151lazzayA simple lib for creating lazy arrays, named lazzay
148,312151occs-wizardA wizard to create Oracle Commerce Cloud basic widget structure
148,312151linear_regression_gradient_descentLinear regression gem that uses nmatrix library , written in ruby.
148,317150rails_domain_modelGet control of your domain model with Event Sourcing, CQRS and core concepts from Domai...
148,317150translatable-railsAdd translatable capabilities to rails models through json based database fields.
148,317150pragma_studio_gameStudio Game is a simple text-based, fully random game. To install the gem, run `gem in...
148,317150SATySFi-railsSATySFi template for Rails