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Most downloads over all time
148301-148320 of all 152,670 gems.
148,276396tmxnewsNews reader - List articles, read article.
148,276396snake_the_gameA bit updated remake of famous Nokia3310-like Snake
148,303395rswag3-specsSimplify API integration testing with a succinct rspec DSL and generate Swagger files d...
148,303395phobos_prometheusGathers metrics from Phobos, making it possible for Prometheus server to consume this
148,303395sticky_elephantLog logins and queries for an emulated PostgresQL server
148,303395ryobaNokogiri utility methods
148,303395kvvliveapiAllows to retrieve live information about train and bus depatures as well as informatio...
148,303395test_exeA test gem for setting up ruby executable
148,303395netspaceCalculate with IPs and networks
148,303395loh_gemA simple hello world gem
148,303395weighted_random_selectorWhen the method `select_from_hash_list` is given an array of hashes where the value of ...
148,303395origen_perforceOrigen revision control driver for Perforce
148,303395Nordot_Support_RoRSDK support for getting Nordot APIs
148,303395newtestforthisshitSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
148,303395euchreWrite a longer description or delete this line.
148,303395test_thisisjustasadtestTest gem.
148,303395solamenteUtilities for Solamente file format.
148,303395skizmA literate programming tool for C/C++