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148321-148340 of all 152,670 gems.
148,303395neighbourhood-interfaceneighbourhood Description
148,303395tinygistA simple tool to to share gist content from and to clipboard.
148,303395wpf2006_hellowpf2006's first ruby gem for hello world
148,303395gifshouldbedeadScreencast based on the libs gstreamer and gtk3 from the ruby-gnome2 project
148,325394naive_calculatorA calculator supporting mathematical expressions, variables, functions and rudimentary ...
148,325394fluent-plugin-timescaledbWrite Fluent logs to TimescaleDB
148,325394rswag3-apiOpen up your API to the phenomenal Swagger ecosystem by exposing Swagger files, that de...
148,325394gitdigWeekly digest for your github account
148,325394azure_mgmt_labservicesMicrosoft Azure Labservices Library for Ruby
148,325394snoop_doggA nicer way to see Models
148,325394carsensor-apiRuby binding to Carsensor API(
148,325394logstash-output-clickhouseThis gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...
148,325394npr_cli_appThe app lets you view NPR's Top Story, along with a list of news categories to choose f...
148,325394puma-plugin-systemdPuma integration with systemd: notify, status, watchdog
148,325394captcha_imgyou will get arithmatic sum with answer you just have to compare with ur user in contro...
148,325394clever_tapGem providing easy access to the CleverTap API
148,325394w3-railsA modern CSS framework with built-in responsiveness
148,325394eiland_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
148,325394THISISONETWOTHREEFOURSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC
148,325394structure_conflict_resolverAutomate tedious db/structure.sql conflict resolution