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148321-148340 of all 148,495 gems.
148,317150rdpcmdExecute commands on Windows via RDP. Helps if you need to run commands on large number ...
148,317150mb-progressionA minimal progress bar
148,323149jwt_managerA simple gem to encapsulate JWT management functionality
148,323149omniauth-opskinsOPSkins OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth
148,323149symbolized_enumSymbolized enum for activerecord
148,323149pg_cinnamonAdd tsquery to activerecord column
148,323149open_route_clientUse the OpenRouteService API in your favorite language.
148,323149openapi_parserparser for OpenAPI 3.0 or later
148,323149unoconvUnoconv document conversion interface for Ruby
148,323149short_urlsA small and simple Ruby library implementing popular URL shortners like Bitly and TinyURL.
148,323149muneeb_test_gemWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
148,332148flatiron_envChecks computer for Flatiron environment setup
148,332148getnet_apiGem para utilização dos meios de pagamento Getnet - Uma empresa Santander para integrar...
148,332148compat_geom2dObjects and Algorithms for 2D Geometry
148,332148nuri_game-online-proxyUtility module that implement a proxy system to allow online interactions between players
148,332148rav-meser-apiRav Meser API Ruby
148,332148masinaRails JWT Auth
148,332148engineer_calculatorThis gem can calculate the calculation which included unit.
148,332148tortureTool collection to write and layout programmer's manuals.
148,332148ruby-requestsA library for HTTP requests that aims to provide the same API as the Requests library i...