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148321-148340 of all 150,062 gems.
148,321284ip-lookupLookup IP Address with API to get a lot of information using
148,321284clac_palindromeLearn enough ruby palindrom dector
148,321284origen_standard_subblocksSimple, elementary, pre-defined subblocks to easily model common SoC blocks.
148,321284vsphere-automation-sdkA Ruby SDK for the vSphere APIs
148,321284sometsomeA simple hello world gem
148,321284auth0_passwordAuth0Password is a Ruby gem to generate random password for Auth0 database connection. ...
148,321284kekaNo more ad hoc passage of boolean results and error messages.
148,321284xcpretty-junit-formatterCustom formatter for xcpretty that saves on a JUNIT file that contains all the errors, ...
148,321284fedex_label_serviceInterface for FedEx Label Services API.
148,321284mtreeThis is a ruby utility and library providing the mtree(1) features found on BSDs.
148,321284asposeemailcloudAspose.Email Cloud is a REST API for creating email applications that work with common ...
148,321284jekyll-tacoJekyll theme for a small brochure-style site.
148,321284knife-lparLPAR creation
148,321284global_shared_dbsome shared data.
148,321284rspeccoreYou probably meant `gem install rspec-core`.
148,321284railshtmlsanitizerYou probably meant `gem install rails-html-sanitizer`.
148,338283globelabs_sms_loggerConsuming Globelabs SMS Dashboards API
148,338283cleavejsThis gem makes it easier to use the benefits from the Cleave.js library to mask/format ...
148,338283eventbrite-api-v3Integrate with Eventbrite API