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149201-149220 of all 153,772 gems.
149,173434TonyM_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails Applications.
149,173434lazy_elementslazy load html element
149,173434git_pr_release_parserParse git-pr-release output.
149,173434lkmtue-themeA minimal theme for my personal website
149,173434skizmA literate programming tool for C/C++
149,173434mygemjjThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
149,173434libsamplerateGem to interface with secret rabbit code
149,173434hola55A simple hello world gem
149,209433hrr_rb_relaxed_xmlAn REXML-based XML toolkit that can have multiple root elements
149,209433lpgridLast Pass Grid reader
149,209433ahiruYet another Ruby gem for DuckDuckGo search
149,209433ngk_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
149,209433writeupGeneric components from jeromegn/DocumentUp for generating static HTML documentation fr...
149,209433amatutuwork for amazon albums
149,209433toppayTopPay - Official Gem Of
149,209433word_wrap_limiterWraps a string based upon a column length limit.
149,209433bliss_view_toolProvides generic HTML data for Rails applications.
149,209433photographic_memorySimple image processing and storage
149,209433bye-flickrThis gem will download all photos and as much metadata as possible from your Flickr acc...
149,209433concurrent_queueListen to multiple queues concurrently and return the value of the first queue to have ...