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149201-149220 of all 149,300 gems.
149,1890find_identicalsAccording to, we should avoid duplicate id ...
149,1890economic-restRuby wrapper for the e-conomic REST API, that aims at making working with the API beara...
149,1890connernilsen_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
149,1890bitex-bitstampRuby API for use with bitstamp.
149,1890bank_of_bakuProvides Ruby APIs to create, process and manage Bank of Baku payments
149,1890azure_mgmt_hdinsightMicrosoft Azure Hdinsight Management Client Library for Ruby
149,1890allocation_samplerA sampling allocation profiler. This keeps track of allocations, but only on specified...
149,1890SurfCustomCalabashCustom methods for calabash ios and android
149,1890SapcaiSAP Conversational AI official SDK for Ruby. Allows you to make requests to your bots.
149,1890zen_view_toolZenViewTool generates generic HTML view components for Rails applications
149,1890yaml_pathA tool to modify YAML tree
149,1890wells_fargo-apiWellsFargo API wrapper
149,1890vagrant-s3auth-mfa[VRTDev Fork]Private, versioned Vagrant boxes hosted on Amazon S3.
149,1890suggest_rbtells you which method does the thing you want to do
149,1890studio_game_1224INSERT SUMMARY HERE
149,1890rdatasetRuby package for loading classical data sets vailable in R
149,1890rapidrailsThis gem is a placeholder for the commercial Rapid Rails CLI.
149,1890railsfulThis gem provides useful helper functions to interactwith JSON API.
149,1890polish_banksGet information about a Polish bank based on IBAN or account number.
149,1890msgpack-rpc-stackA module of implementation MessagePack-RPC stack