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149201-149220 of all 151,050 gems.
149,198280omniauth-practicefusionLets you use Practice Fusion as a strategy for your omniauth login flows
149,198280bog_apiAPI Client
149,198280mks_rentThis is an engine which handles construction equipment rental and tracking
149,198280dialect_statuscodestatu codeを方言で翻訳するだけのものです。
149,198280zweifischeRuby binding for @drewcsillag twofish implementation
149,198280timeline-managerTimeline Manager helps order and transform grouped temporal data
149,198280reattemptEnumerable APIs for retries and exponential backoff with jitter
149,198280RPSBlahBlahBlah123Play rock paper scissors any time you want!
149,198280sionSION parser for Ruby
149,198280onlyoffice_documentserver_conversion_helperHelper method for using ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer conversion api
149,211279ahiruYet another Ruby gem for DuckDuckGo search
149,211279get_geoGetGeo For workshop OOP
149,211279ymdHelper method to output the year month day in a common format.
149,211279cardano_ruby_explorerRuby wrapper for the popular Cardano blockchain query API service. Enables queries by b...
149,211279iab_consent_stringThis library is a Ruby reference implementation for dealing with consent strings in the...
149,211279evil-metricsCollect statistics about how your application is performing with ease. Export metri...
149,211279LiteRGSSLiteRGSS is a Game library that allows you to easly make Games with Ruby. LiteRGSS uses...
149,211279toucan_cliA Ruby framework to craft small yet amazing CLI applications.
149,211279elong-hotelThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
149,211279split_routesSplit Routes to More Files