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150721-150740 of all 153,351 gems.
150,708324douyin_imageA gem to generate douyin style image.Have fun!😊
150,708324heftyashishA simple hello world gem - It's a test gem. Avoid Downloading it
150,708324strong_queriesA GraphQL-inspired querying plugin for Rails with usage similar to strong_parameters.
150,724323chimeon-hashid-railsThis gem allows you to easily use [Hashids]( in your Rails...
150,724323proxy_modulea generic way to create modules that act as proxies to your existing Ruby modules
150,724323chunky_plusplusDates of next 10 birthdays.
150,724323assert-activerecordHelpers for testing ActiveRecords in Assert test suites.
150,724323baidupayAn unofficial simple baidu pay gem
150,724323gumathGumath is library for function dispatch to XND containers.
150,724323jivanvl_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
150,724323offsite_payments_przelewy24This gem extends the activemerchant offsite_payments gem providing integration of Przel...
150,724323mtb_project_apiA wrapper gem for the public MTB Project API
150,724323logstash-output-rollbar-6This gem is a logstash plugin. Install using: $LS_HOME/bin/plugin install gemname. This...
150,724323drg_rotatorDRG Rotator implements rotating image or HTML text on DRG CMS enabled web site. It requ...
150,724323chronic-davispuhChronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby.
150,738322hola_wenA simple hello world gem
150,738322rubocop-config-rufoTurns off all rubocop cops that are unnecessary or might conflict with rufo.
150,738322rubyvis_chartsRubyvis charts