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150721-150740 of all 151,050 gems.
150,721146app_env_configProvide ability to load config from yml files and use it at enviroments configuration f...
150,721146activestorage-dropboxActivestorage Dropbox
150,721146ter_rorA simple handler for RoR Api error codes.
150,721146rubydownrubydown is R Markdown clone for Rubyists.
150,721146new_remoteNewRemoteSwitch for Arduino ported to Raspberry Pi
150,721146meshco_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
150,721146railroad-switchSwitch rack application according to path.
150,721146mindfuldocExperimental gem to make it convenient to edit a mindmap_mfm document from a web page.
150,721146jimmcc27_pal2Learn enough Ruby.
150,721146twitter2mastodonImport Tweet from twitter and publish them to Mastodon.
150,721146dashboard-railsGerenciamento de Widgets para Dashboard
150,721146population_growth_clientAn client for the search population growth by ZIP codes API.
150,721146license-acceptanceLicense stuff
150,721146app_store_connectWrite a short summary, because RubyGems requires one.
150,721146maraDynamoDB Client Wrapper
150,721146jekyll-theme-stellarA Jekyll version of the \"Stellar\" theme by HTML5 UP.
150,721146ex-kernelA gem that is coming soon.
150,721146ex-arrayA gem that is coming soon.
150,740145sugarcrm_v10Interacts with Sugarcrm via REST v10 api