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150741-150760 of all 151,050 gems.
150,740145foodie_toolDetermines whether food is nice or gross.
150,740145create-ruby-appcreate-ruby-app is an opinionated tool for scaffolding Ruby applications
150,740145azure_mgmt_advisorMicrosoft Azure Advisor Services Library for Ruby
150,740145cmpfs-rubyCompare File-System entities, for Ruby is a library that provides comparison functions ...
150,740145regexifiA collection of tested common Regex experessions. Because why re-invent the wheel every...
150,740145brandtryan_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
150,740145bt_pngquantBinary Transformer plugin for PngQuant
150,740145fluent-plugin-k8s-metrics-aggA fluentd input plugin that collects node and container metrics from a kubernetes clust...
150,740145capistrano-simple-htaccessCapistrano task for including a simple apache .htaccess file for redirects on deploy
150,740145anchor_ui-sprocketsUI Kit based on open source projects to allow rapid prototypes of internal apps.
150,740145anchor_ui-coreUI Kit based on open source projects to allow rapid prototypes of internal apps.
150,740145nimble-authRe-usable Devise-based authentication mountable engine
150,740145r00lzA Rack web framework, intended to teach Rails and its metaprogramming tricks, in a simp...
150,740145faker-rubimasTest data generator using idolmaster.
150,740145karatekitRuby toolkit for the API
150,740145iexcloudWrapper for the IEX Cloud API.
150,740145ex-symbolA gem that is coming soon.
150,740145hola_jhparkA simple hello world gem