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Most downloads over all time
151721-151740 of all 152,751 gems.
151,718203mini-attributesRuby and Rails Attributes made Mini.
151,718203rack-sasscRack middleware for SassC which process sass/scss files when in development environment.
151,718203backpedalA Rails gem that gives your users a universal back link across multiple routes.
151,718203pomodorokunit support pomodoro technique (e.g. timer, alert, etc.)
151,718203anchor_ui-webpackerUI Kit based on open source projects to allow rapid prototypes of internal apps.
151,718203yepYep is a dependency injection framework written in ruby
151,718203mindfuldocExperimental gem to make it convenient to edit a mindmap_mfm document from a web page.
151,718203csv_blueprintsDeclaratively specify a CSV blueprint, then create customized plans for CSV generation.
151,718203sample_gemsWrite a longer description or delete this line.
151,718203uiza_minh_phongSee for details
151,718203sync_repositryRuby gem for sync github repositry
151,718203Module2ClassThis gem is used to convert a given single level Module to a Class with same name and...
151,718203pushr-fcmFCM support for the modular push daemon.
151,718203assemblageAssemblage is a continuous integration toolkit. It's intended to provide you with a min...
151,718203rack-portraitRack application wrapper around portrait image gem
151,739202velopaymentsThis library provides a Ruby client that simplifies interactions with the Velo Payments...
151,739202mini-servicesRuby and Rails Services made Mini.