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151721-151740 of all 154,309 gems.
151,721362omniauth-parallelmarketsParallel Markets OAuth strategy for OmniAuth.
151,721362gophishA simple wrapper for the GoPhish API.
151,721362aws-ses-mailerAWS SES Client for Action Mailer
151,721362act_as_sponsorA rails engine to add sponsorhips
151,721362act_as_gamificationA rails engine to add gamification to your app. Documentation ->
151,721362act_as_ecommerceA rails engine for working with subscriptions, selling products, and handling payments....
151,721362tchia04_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
151,721362gem_outdated_checkerThis library is for managing outdated gems.
151,721362just_all_the_sameAdd class Array's instance methods => [all_nil?, all_true?, all_false?, all_same?(Immid...
151,721362qaa_helpersSmall functions to use as toolbox
151,721362afromusicthis gem allow you to display new and old music afro an haitian music. you can shoose d...
151,721362will_paginate_ui_kitUIKit-compatible LinkRenderer for will_paginate gem
151,721362lita-lunch-menuLita-chatbot handler that provides lunch menus for different restaurants.
151,721362rbupnptoolsruby upnp tools
151,721362cloudmersive-nlp-api-clientThe powerful Natural Language Processing APIs let you perform part of speech tagging, e...
151,721362teamspeak5A TeamSpeak 5 Query API in Ruby.
151,721362RPSBlahBlahBlah123Play rock paper scissors any time you want!
151,721362tunnelupTunnelup cli
151,739361nessus_clientNessusClient was designed to be simple, fast and performant through communication with ...
151,739361act_as_activityA rails engine to add Twitter style updates to your app