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151761-151780 of all 153,605 gems.
151,747312iripperIRipper is a REPL to parse a Ruby script interactively.
151,762311lite-statisticsGenerate statistics from collections of data points
151,762311robert_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
151,762311controlled_exposureprevent automatic access to controller instance variables and enforce exposure via help...
151,762311ccsv-extRuby CSV parser gem, written in pure C.
151,762311edifunctEdifunct provides an easy way to structurally parse an EDIFACT file based on a simple s...
151,762311alchemy-pg_searchPostgreSQL search for Alchemy CMS 3.0
151,762311fastlane-plugin-test_reportcustomized template for iOS test reports
151,762311huseyin_aygun_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails applications.
151,762311environment_configGem to unify reading configuration from env variables.
151,762311davidwilkins_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
151,762311dsapiRuby client to consume Joyent's SmartOS Dataset API. More info at https://datasets.joye...
151,762311dpl-thibdeploy tool abstraction for clients
151,762311satisfactionTrack your level of happiness in a project.
151,762311pinkievenlyI love Pinkie
151,762311gurtz_copyrightCreats copyrights for pages with with current year, name and all rights...
151,762311slugrustRuby bindings to the "slugify" crate
151,762311moiraMake ActiveRecord Validation easier to share as Schema