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152561-152580 of all 152,751 gems.
152,559171devise-foundationedThis gem generates nicer default views styled with Foundation so you have a bit of a be...
152,559171encrustConverts iTerm2 color schemes to Dwarf Fortress color files.
152,559171ra4eA bad copy of rake for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,559171mult1_jsonA bad copy of multi_json for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,559171laixA simple gem
152,566170nats_streaming_listenerNats streaming client and subscriber implementation.
152,566170mina-kubernetesMina plugin to streamline deployment of resources to Kubernetes cluster
152,566170peatio-stellarPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
152,566170peatio-cardanoPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
152,566170galvanizeThis project aims to provide an easy to use framework for generating templates
152,566170multi_jsnA bad copy of multi_json for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,566170jeklylA bad copy of jekyll for testing homographic vulnerabilities.
152,573169salesloft-jwtLibrary to process JWT for use in calls between SalesLoft services
152,573169phone_com_clientThis is a api PhoneCom definition. Based on Swagger/OpenAPI, generated using ...
152,573169peatio-zrx0x project integration with Rubykube Peatio
152,573169hc-presenterTransforms objects and collections into hashes for rendering as JSON
152,573169peatio-zcashPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
152,573169peatio-xrpPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
152,573169peatio-tronPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube
152,573169peatio-siaPeatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube