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152561-152580 of all 154,309 gems.
152,549312vrt-ec2-tagsFetch EC2 tags for the requesting host only via Lambda
152,549312rack-basic_pathRegex constrained Basic Auth
152,549312compare-cryptoget prices for most wanted crypto currencies
152,549312sidekiq_spreadAdd 'perform_spread' method to workers to allow for scheduling jobs over an interval of...
152,549312tankerkoenigRuby Wrapper for the Tankerkoenig HTTP API
152,549312occs-wizardA wizard to create Oracle Commerce Cloud basic widget structure
152,549312geo_fakerImprove your test and demo data by generating realistically distributed geo-coordinates
152,549312fdelache_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector.
152,549312triviacrackA Ruby interface to the Trivia Crack API.
152,549312satori-rtm-sdkRuby SDK for Satori RTM
152,571311movie_helperThis application scrapes data off of the website,, and u...
152,571311hola_daneslohA simple hello world gem
152,571311zc_broker_testWrite a longer description or delete this line.
152,571311allocation_samplerA sampling allocation profiler. This keeps track of allocations, but only on specified...
152,571311alu0101028163Práctica 6 de Lenguajes y paradigmas de programación utilizando TDD
152,571311alu0101042305Clase que representa una etiqueta de información nutricional
152,571311numeric_inverseThis gem provides a method `Numeric#inverse` to get a (usual/modular) multiplicative in...
152,571311pry-linenoiseMakes work in Pry as a Readline alternative.
152,571311attr_slugAn ActiveRecord concern to automatically generate slug fields.
152,571311stukachSimple alerting system for any ruby app